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Golden Sunrise

We had a number of flash floods this morning because of the heavy downpour. In fact, there were a number of floods this year. So many conspiracy theories flying about on the internet forums. I am not here to speculate further. 😉 Just something to share that hopefully make you smile a little.

golden sunrise

Steps to a Golden Sunrise

Yellow – the color of cheerfulness. So wherever you are in the world, whatever storm you face, wish you strength to carry on, positivity and peace in your life.

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Heartwave Wall at Punggol Waterway

At the Punggol Waterway Fiesta on 23 October 2011, the Heartwave Wall was the center stage for the grand performances of the night. Let’s take a closer look at the features.

my waterway @punggol

Boats carrying VIPS during Punggol Waterway Fiesta

punggol waterway fiesta

Waterfall at the Heartwave Wall

These two photos were taken during the Punggol Waterway Fiesta. Punggol Waterway really looked romantic at night. The boats ferried the VIPS to the platform at the front of the Heartwave Wall. Then they walked through the waterfall underneath the staircases. That curtains of waterfall underneath the staircases are not always in operations. Maybe only during special events.

punggol waterway

Day Scenery at Heartwave Wall, Punggol Waterway

punggol waterway

Waterfalls along Heartwave Walll

A view of the Heartwave Wall during day time.Two rows of waterfalls cascade to the water. Climb up to the second level and have a closer look at the vertical garden landscaping. Do you notice the wavy structures? Maybe that is where the “heartwave” name come about.

heartwave wall

Waterfalls at Heartwave Wall - left angle

water fountains

Waterfalls at Heartwave Wall - right angle

A closer look at the waterfalls along the Heartwave Wall. They are really very cooling if you stand next to them. This is a great place to practice slow shutter speed in taking waterfall pictures. Always best to take a tripod along for such pictures. If not, practice handhold techniques constantly.

Technical specs for the waterfall pictures. Aperture : F22, Shutter Speed : 1/10 secs, ISO : 100, EV : +0.3 (because the wall was in shadows). Will experiment more later in the late afternoon when the sun is facing the Heartwave Wall instead of behind it in the morning.


Murals at Heartwave Wall, Punggol Waterway

punggol waterway

Murals at Heartwave Wall, Punggol Waterway

These are two of the murals along the Heartwave Wall, in between the waterfalls. Each mural tells the story of Punggol, from its past history to the inception of Punggol 21. So take the time to read each mural while you are here.

Have a great time exploring Punggol Waterway with friends and family!


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Celebrate Plant-A-Tree Day at Punggol Promenade

I was wondering what event is happening today at Punggol Beach. It turns out today is Plant-a-Tree Day.

Tents are set up at Punggol Promenade, in front of Popeye, along the tracks at Nature Walk of Punggol Promenade all the way to Punggol Jetty. Newly planted, the plants look young and green. If you want to take a look, come on and drop by here.

People participating in the Plant-a-Tree Day at Punggol Promenade, Serangoon Reservoir

This morning it rained slightly. Pictures taken after the rain.


Storm Clouds after the rain, a view of Lorong Halus Wetland


Sunrise at Lorong Halus Wetland


Sunrise over Coney Island

Have a great Saturday, everybody!


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Punggol Beach : Black and White Landscape

My favourite medium is black and white landscape. There is something about stripping all the colors and letting the contrast, shadows and light comes to life in black and white pictures.

While it is true sunlight is a key element in outdoor photography, other considerations like cloud patterns make a big difference in the outcome. My other favourite pass time is to watch clouds passing by. When I was little, I imagined all sorts of shapes and forms in the clouds formation. I still do to till day. 😉

I read many photography books and came across a book that identify all the different types of clouds like, jet stream, cloud corridors, cumulus and many more names I can’t recall.

Last Wednesday during Deepavali, we had the most awesome blue sky and clouds. Took photos both in color and black and white. One of the photo is shown here. A suggestion – if you are used to taking horizontal pictures, turn the camera vertically instead. Emphasize the skyline, see if there is any difference.

Have a great weekend! If you have any idea what is happening at Punggol Beach this weekend, do share!

Punggol Beach in Black and White


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Coney Island Singapore Monochrome Landscapes

These pictures were taken yesterday morning. At around 10.30am, it was a hot day and at that angle, the camera was facing the sun. Maybe it was better to take monochrome pictures because for sure the pictures would be backlighted. The sun was shining right behind the clouds. Plenty of people fishing that day since it was high tide.

Coney Island in black and white

Coney Island taken with a green filter

Coney Island taken with a blue filter

There is a dam connecting Punggol Promenade at Punggol Beach to Coney Island. However there is a green fence there preventing entry. I saw a guy perching on the stone edges of the dam. The more agile may be able to cross the barrier and reach the stone steps at Coney Island by this route. Another longer way is to go via Lorong Halus Wetland, pass the green railing opposite Serangoon Reservoir East Dam and follow the shoreline to reach here.

There will be a nature track cutting through the central portion of Coney Island connecting the two dams. I have seen the tracks, no, it is not completed yet. It is meant to be rustic like the Nature Walk portion of Punggol Promenade with tracks made of soil and stones. Hear the sounds of birds, the rustle of casurina trees and other tropical trees and waves crashing nearby.

Hope you have lots of fun exploring the many nature parks connecting Punggol Beach, Punggol Waterway and Lorong Halus Wetland.

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Sunny Day at Punggol Beach

It is a glorious sunny day today at Punggol Beach.

Beautiful blue sky at Punggol Beach

High tide in the morning and low tide should be around 4pm today. Lots of people already in the early morning. Plenty of families and lots of people fishing at the Jetty and the Promenade.

Even though I am still feeling sick, decided that it is better to go out with my family and get some fresh air. Glad I am outdoors today. It is a beautiful day!

They are building tents at the Promenade. Heard there is an event this saturday. Not sure what it is, maybe the opening of Punggol Promenade? No idea, can’t find any info. If someone has some bit of news, please share.

Oh, the ice-cream lady was there. I recommend the big ice-cream corn. It may be expensive at S$3, but simply delicious! Have a try.

Happy Deepavali to those celebrating!

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Day Landscape at Punggol Waterway Fiesta

I arrived here around 5pm. Just in time to see the people running during the McDonald’s Run. Already so crowded at the entrance from Punggol Road. Get to see the kayaks paddling towards the suspension bridge and Ceremony site.

punggol waterway fiesta

Row, row your kayak up to the ceremony site.....merrily....merrily......

Crossed over the Kelong Bridge because it was less crowded on the other side. Get to see up close the boats that ferry the Ministers and everybody to the platform in front of the Heartwave Wall. Not meant for the public then.

punggol waterway fiesta

Boats all ready to fetch VIPs to the Heartwave Wall water platform

Kites flying while people continuously crossed the suspension bridge to the other side. The other side, kids played at the water fountains at the hilltop. Very nice and cooling.

punggol waterrway fiesta

Crossing the suspension bridge at Punggol Waterway

A low angle shot of the water fountains while the sky looked bright and blue.

punggol waterway fiesta

A bright sunny day at Punggol Waterway

It actually rained for a short while before the night events. But it stopped and the show went on in grand style.

I hope we have more “entertainment events” here because this is a great venue where friends and family can enjoy nature and have a great time.

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