New Zealand Airports : Auckland, Christchurch & Queenstown

12 Nov
Christchurch Airport

Christchurch Airport

Hope those tips about Switzerland and rail journeys in Europe give you a bit of information about winter holidays there. I am steering away from Europe for the moment and focusing on other areas of the world.

Do you want more tips coming to New Zealand? Hope the following information helps you along when you arrive and depart from Auckland, Christchurch or Queenstown Airport.


Auckland International Airport

Most international flights would have landed here at the International Auckland Airport. When you exit the plane and enter the airport, remember to grab the free magazine – Arrival –  a guide to New Zealand. It is only available in Auckland International Airport, not at Christchurch Airport or elsewhere. If you are switching to a domestic flight, please remember to collect your luggage first. The transfer of bags to your next flight is not automatic. You also need to clear customs here even though you are changing to a domestic flight.

Transferring to Domestic Flights

I want to highlight something here. You need to transfer to the Domestic Terminal if your next flight is to Christchurch, Queenstown or elsewhere in New Zealand. There is a free transfer bus service here so you don’t have to walk though it is within walking distance. Tip . Before you do that, deposit your heavy luggage at the Qantas or New Zealand counters. So you don’t have to drag along your heavy luggage in the bus. Just remember to show your boarding pass to the counter staff.

Summary points

  • Clear customs
  • Grab your luggage
  • If taking domestic flight, deposit your luggage at the Qantas or Air New Zealand counters
  • Wait for the free transfer bus to the Domestic Terminal

Transportation from the Airport

Bus –The Airbus

Price as listed at the website. Cheaper still if you have the YHA card.

Adult One Way $16
Adult Return $23
Child* One Way $6
Child* Return $12
Backpacker [with ID] One Way $14
Backpacker [with ID] Return $21
Seniors [with ID] One Way $14
Seniors [with ID] Return $21
Bikes, surfboards etc $6
Groups POA

Book online or pay cash to the driver. Daytime interval is every 15mins, for evenings or nights every 30mins.

Other Buses

For other bus schedules, click here



This is a door-to-door shuttle service, meeting every flight. You will join a group of travellers and the shuttle will deliver you right at the door step of your hotel or hostel in the city. Price per person gets lower if you travel in a group. Book online or pay cash to the driver.


Just head to the taxi stand, no need to book in advance. Cost about NZ$50 – NZ$65.

Cars, Campervans and Motorhomes

If you prefer your own transport or a mobile home, look for the counter at the airport. There is really no need to book in advance. For more information, click on the links cars and campervans.


Christchurch International Airport

By Bus

There are 2 bus services to the city centre : No. 29 via Fendalton and No. 10 via Merivale.  Journey is about 30 minutes. For more information, check at the Information Counter.


Same information as Auckland Airport. There are other shuttle services here besides Super Shuttle.


From the information gathered, it costs about NZ$30 – NZ$50.

Cars, Campervans and Motorhomes

Same info for Christchurch International Airport. Click on this link.


Queenstown Airport

By BusConnectabus

The cheapest price to the Queenstown area. Pay cash to the driver.


Super Shuttle is available at every airport and meet all flights. Website

By Cars

Go to the counter, there is really no need to book in advance.



Auckland Airport

Christchurch Airport

Queenstown Airport


At the airports, there are vending machines for tidbits. One of my favourite is the giant cookie which last I checked cost NZ$1 per piece. Try it – mouth watering delicious!


Hope the above information help. Till next time, have a great weekend!


[Edit : Change of title as I think it is more appropriate]


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