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Secret Garden

secret garden

Secret Garden

Welcome to the Secret Garden. I only wish it was mine. 😉

Alas this was taken on a trip to Pulau Ubin. Do spend some time exploring the right side of the island. There is also a spice garden and a section with tropical plants. All labelled for easy identification. I know there is a mini plantation at Sengkang Riverside Park but over here it is more rustic and closer to nature. I grow up with some of these plants in my backyard so it is like a trip down memory lane. This is a place to get away from all the chaos of city living.

Wherever you are in the world, in rustic or urban landscape, I hope you find some corner to make it your own secret garden. Have a great weekend!


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Peaceful Morning in Interlaken


Peaceful scenery along the river in Interlaken, Switzerland

A revisit to a familiar place – Interlaken in Switzerland. A quiet morning walk along the river. It was winter and not many people were outdoors on that sunday morning. Peaceful, misty, serene – all that you hope to see while on vacation. If only, everyday is that peaceful.


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Lights Abstract

lights abstract

Some things can happen by accident and the results quite interesting I must say. This photo is one of those “accident”. When you switch off the camera but the shutter is not yet ready to close, something like this can result from it. I end up liking it especially the “tyre” pattern on the bottom. Amazingly, the blue laser lights in the background are not jarred by the camera movement. Could never re-create this scene again. How about you? Do you have some “accidents” you end up liking?


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Twilight at Pasir Gudang

pasir gudang as seen from punggol beach

Photo for the day – as seen from Punggol Beach – twilight at Pasir Gudang. Waited a while after sunset to get this view at 7.31pm. The lights had been switched on and reflected on the water while the blue sky still lingered and golden rays of sunlight still rested on the horizon. A few minutes passed and the night scene darken all too soon. Time to go. Have a great weekend, everybody!


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Vertical Landscape – Cloudy Sunrise

Sunrise over Coney Island Singapore

Vertical photos, I think, are not as much photographed as horizontal photos. I love verticals! Such composition tends to add depth and contrasts. When I want to emphasize the cloud patterns against a foreground subject, I use vertical composition, like this picture. I notice that switching from horizontal to vertical, the same object (taken from the same distance) will appear smaller in the vertical composition. The effect of compression. Well, if you are used to taking pictures horizontally, try taking vertically instead. Always good to experiment. Happy shooting!


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Neon Red Dawn Sunrise

red sunrise

Glowing red lights reflection at Serangoon Reservoir at Dawn, 3 minutes before Sunrise

It is really a lucky streak to have seen a red sunset and a red sunrise on consecutive days. Yesterday was a red sunrise. This morning, the light was even more spectacular. I call this neon red because the sky was really glowing with red lights. Taken at 6.54pm about 3 minutes before sunrise. The best colors usually comes about a few minutes before sunrise. Straight from the camera with no editing. I will attempt HDR blending modes one of these days. Focusing on silhouettes for the moment. Have a wonderful Sunday, everybody!


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Red Sunset at Serangoon Reservoir

serangoon reservoir

Red Sunset at Serangoon Reservoir. Silhoutte of Nature Walk Punggol Promenade on the left and Coney Island on the right

Just came back from a sunset photo shoot at Serangoon Reservoir, on the riverbank of the Serangoon East Dam. It rained in the morning so the path was muddy and not many people venture here when it is close to darkness. The sky were thick and dark with grey clouds. Not a promising start for an evening photography. Being patient has its rewards at times. What a glorious red sunset this evening! Glowing water reflection and fire in the sky. Hope your weekend are just as good!


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