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Storm Clouds over Sentosa

I attended a training workshop on tuesday and wednesday nearby Harbour Front and Vivocity. During lunch time, it suddenly rained during fine weather. Well the monsoon season is here so rain or shine is rather unpredictable. Always bring along the umbrella.

Anyway, this is the view of Sentosa during the sudden rain storm. White gigantic clouds took up most of the horizon, a dash of blue sky in the corner.

Storm Clouds over Sentosa

Yes, I love the rain! 🙂


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White Birds Fishing

I have been trying to get sharp pictures of these birds for some time now. They are very fast moving and it is rather hard to catch them in action.

I have seen these birds every time I was at the rivers. They hover over the water, then suddenly dived into the water, catch their food and away they fly. Maybe next time I can get a shot of them diving and catching their food.

The water was rather muddy as it just rained and the debris had overflowed the catchment area due to the higher water level. Those trees on the right frame with the long roots in the water are mangrove trees. Very important for the eco system. I found out later that if loose rocks instead of concrete were used for the river bank, plants have a better survival rate after re-constructing the river banks.

So important to nurture our environment for the future generation.

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Rocky Beach

The beach here on the left side of the coast is a bit rocky. Not the place for swimming. But they are wonderful landscape to photograph. When I have a bit more time, I will try using one of the filters and have fun with the editing. Depending on the angle of light, sometimes the water looks a deep blue, other times green.

Have a great day ahead!

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Colourful flowers to chase away the monday blues.

My mom called these “chicken shit” flowers – a direct translation from our native language. Never really notice before the flowers come in many colors. Upon closer look, the young buds look like stars before blooming to maturity. Some species have different colors right in the middle of each flower –  quite a colorful array.

Have a great week ahead.

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Punggol Waterway – near Punggol Reservoir

These are early views of the Punggol Waterway – the water canal that will run from Punggol Reservoir to Serangoon Reservoir.

Early views, by that I mean that construction is not completed. The basic structures are there, the rest “akan datang” or “coming soon”. When it is completed, people can canoe and kayak in the water canal while pedestrians and cyclists can enjoy the views along the water canal.

These pictures are taken near the Punggol Reservoir, one section of the Punggol Waterway.

Punggol Waterway – Sunrise

Sunrise at Punggol Waterway - near the Punggol Reservoir

As you can see, there is an LRT track on the background. There are steps into the water canal that can also serve as seats. There are several types of seats along the canal. More pictures below.

How To Get Here

At the end of the Punggol Park Connector, you see this.

End of Punggol Park Connector

Look carefully and you will see two well-beaten path on the right side. Step over to the clay path and see what is behind the construction.

Punggol Waterway from across temporary dam

This is what you see if you are standing on the temporary dam. This is the view when walking towards the Punggol Waterway.

Heading towards the Punggol Waterway

The circular structure stands exactly in the middle of the bridge, over the water canal. A closer look of the bridge.

Bridge over Punggol Waterway

No cycling. Dismount.

Over the Bridge at Punggol Waterway

In the middle of the bridge.

View over the bridge at Punggol Waterway

Seats along the water canal.

Seats at Punggol Waterway

More seats at Punggol Waterway

The Gabezo

A look back of the bridge and the gazebo

Gazebo - viewing platform - in the middle of the bridge - Punggol Waterway

Gazebo - Viewing Bridge - Punggol Waterway

Climber Plants

As you can see climber plants have been planted along the sides and frames of the structure. Once they are grown (and if there are flowers), they will provide shades from the sun and will be a beautiful sight. A nice viewing platform to catch sunrise or sunset and the surroundings.

Temporary Dam

Temporary Dam

I am pretty sure this is a temporary structure to provide a bridge across the waterway. There is another dam at the other end of the waterway. Haven’t explored the other side. Don’t want to be a bit of a nuisance, after all, construction is still on-going.

Once the go-ahead is given, I am sure the dam structures will be removed and the bridge as shown earlier will be the main gateway to get to the other side and be a part of the park connector.

Looking forward to the next development.

For early pictures of the other end of Punggol Waterway at Serangoon Reservoir, click here and here.


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Park Connector Network (PCN) from Sengkang Riverside Park to Punggol Beach

Update : The original article was written way back in 2011. Since then, the PCN tracks have been opened to the public, though some sections still need some improvements.

To get this view, you need to pass by some routes.

Park Connector Network along Punggol Beach

How to Go to Punggol Beach

From Sengkang Riverside Park Connector to Punggol Park Connector

From Sengkang, go to Sungei Punggol or Punggol River or Punggol Reservoir as it is now known. Pass by underneath the TPE/SLE expressway and you are on the Punggol Park Connector.

At the end of the route, cross over either the right or left side. Right side – clay path. Left side – walk along the the river’s bank edges stone path. Both paths are uneven tracks, wear track shoes not slippers.

Clay Path at Punggol Park Connector Network

Note : This is an old picture. The dam has been removed so this path is longer there. Walk along the river’s edge and the track will lead to the Jewel Bridge at Punggol Waterway.

An old picture of the path on the temporary dam

After that, you will see this.

Old picture of uncompleted track at Punggol PCN. It is now completed.

This is what I called the third shelter along the Punggol PCN here. When this picture was taken, the track was not completed yet. Use the Jewel Bridge to cross over the other river side.

Shelter at the Punggol PCN

Cross this bridge.

Dismount before the bridge

Punggol Dam

That greenish building in the far distance is the Punggol Marina Country Club. It is across the road.

Punggol Marina Country Club

Punggol Marina

After reaching the Punggol Dam, turn right, cross the road where the Punggol Marina Country Club is. You can see this track from across the road. Watch out for vehicles. Some bumps before and after reaching the road across.

PCN behind Punggol Marina Country Club

Watch out for vehicles before crossing this route.

Beware of vehicles at the Punggol Marina Country Club

A right turn and you are finally at the Punggol Beach.

Photographs along Punggol Beach

Punggol Beach with Johor in the distance


Sea View along the Punggol Beach PCN

Fishing at Punggol Beach

Across the bridge, more views.

Crossing the Bridge

Punggol Beach viewed from the bridge

Heading to Punggol Point and the Jetty

Cycling along Punggol Beach towards Punggol Point

Resting area – park seats.

Seats across Punggol Beach

At Punggol Beach.

Rocks at Punggol Beach

Punggol Beach - Left side view

Boat reaching the Punggol Jetty

Punggol Jetty

Viewing Platform at Punggol Jetty

The right side of Punggol Beach is still boarded up. There is a signboard that shows “Punggol Promenade”. This will connect with the PCN along the Lorong Halus Wetland, Sungei Serangoon. A lady chased us out before we could explore further. Just pictures for now.

Punggol Promenade at Punggol Point

PCN at Punggol Promenade, Punggol Point

Note : This was written before the official opening of Punggol Promenade at Punggol Beach. It is now opened to the public. No food stalls just yet. There is a drink venture machine next to the Police Post at the Jetty entrance. During weekends, the ice cream vendor is here at Punggol Beach.

If you don’t want to walk, jog or cycle, take Bus 84 from Punggol Bus Terminal and stop here. When the food and beverage outlets are fully opened, there will be such a big crowd.

Enjoy peace and quiet here during your leisure time.

Update : Bus 82 no longer stops at Punggol Beach (Punggol Road end). Now Bus 82 stops at Punggol Interchange. From there, take Bus 84 to reach Punggol Beach.

2nd Update : Many things have changed since this was posted. The PCN tracks at both ends of the Jewel Bridge at Punggol Waterway have been completed.

3rd Update : For a continuous circuit, walk, jog or cycle further on the right side of Punggol Beach to reach the rustic path at the Nature Walk section of Punggol Promenade. See glimpses of Coney Island on the opposite shore line. At the other end, the track connects to Punggol Waterway at Serangoon Reservoir and Lorong Halus Wetland.


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Wildlife in the River

Look closer in the water and you will see a creature swimming across it. These are closer views. Not too sure what animal it was. I suspected it was a monitor lizard. Surely not a snake as the swimming pattern was rather different. Only the head was visible.

Next time you are nearby, take a closer look in the water. Never know what you may find. 😉

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