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Punggol Waterway Waterfall at Night

waterfall at punggol waterway

Waterfall in Neon Lights at Heartwave Wall, Punggol Waterway

Been awhile since I was here. Just return home a few days ago from a trip out of town. Took a long walk in the evening from Sengkang Riverside Park PCN to Punggol Park PCN all the way to Punggol Waterway, out to Punggol Road and walked home. Whew!

Hmm, the PCN track from Punggol Waterway connecting to the one side of the Punggol Park PCN (the one heading to Sengkang) is still not completed. Walked along the river’s bank to reach there.

Folks, if you want to avoid the crowd, come to Punggol Waterway on Friday night or weekdays. Soak in the cool breeze and there was a full moon tonight. The waterfall over the transparent rooftop at the Heartwave Wall was operating today. Beautiful changeable neon lights. Come and see the cascades of water while the lights change from blue to orange to red.

If you have never been here before, you can take the MRT and alight at Punggol station, transfer to LRT and alight at Sam Kee station. If walking along Punggol Central, need to do a longer walk since the temporary steps have been removed. You can also take Bus 84 from Punggol Bus Interchange and alight at Punggol Road.

Have a great weekend!

punggol waterway

Heartwave Wall Waterfall in the background


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Sunset at Punggol Waterway

punggol waterway

Sunset at Punggol Waterway

This was taken at the Sunset Strip section of Punggol Waterway –  with entrance to Punggol Reservoir. The Jewel Bridge is on the right frame. For this picture I wanted to capture the sunset reflection on the water and let the water flow be the leading line. It has been cloudy weather for the past days. Have not seen any spectacular twilight colors recently. Just have to come here for a re-visit. 😉


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Heartwave Wall at Punggol Waterway

At the Punggol Waterway Fiesta on 23 October 2011, the Heartwave Wall was the center stage for the grand performances of the night. Let’s take a closer look at the features.

my waterway @punggol

Boats carrying VIPS during Punggol Waterway Fiesta

punggol waterway fiesta

Waterfall at the Heartwave Wall

These two photos were taken during the Punggol Waterway Fiesta. Punggol Waterway really looked romantic at night. The boats ferried the VIPS to the platform at the front of the Heartwave Wall. Then they walked through the waterfall underneath the staircases. That curtains of waterfall underneath the staircases are not always in operations. Maybe only during special events.

punggol waterway

Day Scenery at Heartwave Wall, Punggol Waterway

punggol waterway

Waterfalls along Heartwave Walll

A view of the Heartwave Wall during day time.Two rows of waterfalls cascade to the water. Climb up to the second level and have a closer look at the vertical garden landscaping. Do you notice the wavy structures? Maybe that is where the “heartwave” name come about.

heartwave wall

Waterfalls at Heartwave Wall - left angle

water fountains

Waterfalls at Heartwave Wall - right angle

A closer look at the waterfalls along the Heartwave Wall. They are really very cooling if you stand next to them. This is a great place to practice slow shutter speed in taking waterfall pictures. Always best to take a tripod along for such pictures. If not, practice handhold techniques constantly.

Technical specs for the waterfall pictures. Aperture : F22, Shutter Speed : 1/10 secs, ISO : 100, EV : +0.3 (because the wall was in shadows). Will experiment more later in the late afternoon when the sun is facing the Heartwave Wall instead of behind it in the morning.


Murals at Heartwave Wall, Punggol Waterway

punggol waterway

Murals at Heartwave Wall, Punggol Waterway

These are two of the murals along the Heartwave Wall, in between the waterfalls. Each mural tells the story of Punggol, from its past history to the inception of Punggol 21. So take the time to read each mural while you are here.

Have a great time exploring Punggol Waterway with friends and family!


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Day Landscape at Punggol Waterway Fiesta

I arrived here around 5pm. Just in time to see the people running during the McDonald’s Run. Already so crowded at the entrance from Punggol Road. Get to see the kayaks paddling towards the suspension bridge and Ceremony site.

punggol waterway fiesta

Row, row your kayak up to the ceremony site.....merrily....merrily......

Crossed over the Kelong Bridge because it was less crowded on the other side. Get to see up close the boats that ferry the Ministers and everybody to the platform in front of the Heartwave Wall. Not meant for the public then.

punggol waterway fiesta

Boats all ready to fetch VIPs to the Heartwave Wall water platform

Kites flying while people continuously crossed the suspension bridge to the other side. The other side, kids played at the water fountains at the hilltop. Very nice and cooling.

punggol waterrway fiesta

Crossing the suspension bridge at Punggol Waterway

A low angle shot of the water fountains while the sky looked bright and blue.

punggol waterway fiesta

A bright sunny day at Punggol Waterway

It actually rained for a short while before the night events. But it stopped and the show went on in grand style.

I hope we have more “entertainment events” here because this is a great venue where friends and family can enjoy nature and have a great time.

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Fireworks at Punggol Waterway Fiesta

Did you come to the Punggol Waterway Fiesta today and have a good time? I certainly did. Lots of people. Nice to watch the fireworks and entertainment. Two pictures of the fireworks on display. It is dang hard to photograph fireworks without a tripod. 😉

I will post more pictures tomorrow. Hope everybody has a good time today!

Check out more pictures of the scenery at : Thanks, Andy!


Crash! Boom! Fireworks! at Punggol Waterway Fiesta


Boom! Bang! Another fireworks!


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Preview of Punggol Waterway Fiesta

Went for a recce of Punggol Waterway this morning. Tents all over the place. Grab some pictures of the activities. Will post more later after lunch. Have a great Saturday!

Punggol Waterway Fiesta - Ceremony Site & Viewing Area

All the water fountains are at full blast today. Lovely to see. Platforms on the water. Hmmm, I wonder what they are planning for tomorrow.

Heartwave Wall at Punggol Waterway

Take your time to stroll pass the Heartwave Wall and read each caption for every murals. I will do a focus blog on that later. Meanwhile, do you notice the staircases? A great elevated view of Punggol Waterway from up there. That squarish flat structure is a billboard. In front of it is a platform on the water. Maybe this is the place where the minister will make the speech and announced the official opening of Punggol Waterway while the billboard shows the live footage. I am just guessing.

The stage is set for Punggol Waterway Fiesta on 23 October 2011

At every staircase level, a platform with stage equipment like speakers and microphones have been set. So, performances to be seen from here? I am very curious. That transparent rooftop just below the staircase – will there be any water fountains flowing down as seen in the promotion picture here? We will see tomorrow. 🙂

Dawn at Punggol Waterway Boardwalk

This was taken at 6.26am from the Kelong Bridge. Don’t forget to participate in naming the bridges along the waterway. More details here. The lighted structure in the water on the left river bank is the Boardwalk – providing a closer view of the water. The rows of tents on the left side is the beginning of the Heritage area. Just walk further down and you will reach the Punggol Waterway Fiesta central area where the ceremony site is. There is no tents on the opposite river bank. So if you are cycling here and want to avoid the crush of people, you may want to cross over to the other side instead. Well actually there are tents on both river banks but not so many on this side of the river banks.

Have fun everybody! I will add more pictures later.

Update : More pictures uploaded now.

A View from the Kelong Bridge

There are boats there opposite the Boardwalk. Hmm, do you need to pay, a free ride or not meant for the public?

Water Fountains at Punggol Waterway

Well actually there are two billboards. I am very convinced now these will be the screens showing the live footage of speeches, performances, etc.

Boats under the Arch Bridge

More boats can be seen here under the arch bridge. I like the design. Cute.

punggol waterway water fountains

Water Fountains at Punggol Waterway

Look at the purple color snakes or arms or whatever behind the water fountains. Interesting, eh? They look very different at various angles.

Punggol Waterway

Spectacular Viewing Areas

This is the riverbank or the viewing areas opposite the Heartwave Wall. Temporary wooden steps have been built to take visitors from the top of the hilltop to the viewing area. At the top of the hill, there is also the LRT and a car-park. Limited space though.

punggol waterway

Tents along the riverbanks

You can see the LRT in this picture. Look at the water fountains. For those going on the McDonald’s Run, take note of the water point stations.

punggol waterway

Boat cruising in the water canals

Watch the ripples effect in the aftermath of the boat. Hopefully I get the chance to be on one of the boats.

Looking at the weather patterns, it has been raining in the afternoon. At times it rains in the evening. Bring along the umbrellas with you. Regardless of the weather, the show must go on as they say. Keep your fingers crossed. 😉

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Punggol Waterway at Punggol Reservoir : Then and Now

This is my favourite section of Punggol Waterway. Been here more times than all the different sections. A look back at the progress of Punggol Waterway at Punggol Reservoir before its completion.

Blog Posting Timeline

26 June 2011 – Punggol Waterway – near Punggol Reservoir
25 Sep 2011 – Update on Punggol Waterway at Punggol Reservoir
30 Sep 2011 – Updated Photos of Punggol Waterway : From Serangoon Reservoir to Punggol Reservoir
1 Oct 2011 – Punggol Waterway at Punggol Reservoir Garden Landscaping
3 Oct 2011 – Views along Punggol Waterway

Back Then
In early pictures, a temporary dam made of metal sheets blocked the water flow into Punggol Reservoir.

Temporary Dam

Back then, if you want to walk along the Park Connector Network (PCN) to Punggol Beach, either use the temporary dam crossing or slightly further, use the circular bridge now known as the Jewel Bridge. Using the temporary dam route was a rougher way to go but you got a closer view of the water.

Heading towards Punggol Waterway

At that time, there was no railings and aquatic plants had not been planted yet. The hilltops were barren of grass. The water level was much lower too.

View in over the bridge at Punggol Waterway


sunset at punggol waterway, punggol reservoir

No more temporary dam in this picture. Water level is higher and there are plants in the water now. That square building in the right frame is the toilet.

punggol waterway

The PCN tracks at both ends of the Jewel Bridge has been completed so now it is a seamless track from Sengkang Park Connector to Punggol Park Connector. Once you reach this juncture, two options from here. Either walk, jog or cycle along Punggol Waterway all the way to Punggol Promenade at Lorong Halus Wetland red bridge. If the Nature Track has been completed, turn left and carry on walking to Punggol Beach Jetty Point.

A faster way to Punggol Beach once at this juncture is to cross the Jewel Bridge, walk along Punggol Reservoir until you reach the main road facing Punggol Marina Country Club, turn right and cross the road. The PCN track continues behind the Punggol Marina Club. More explanation here.

Well the weekend is here! Come on down to Punggol Waterway Fiesta this Sunday. 🙂

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