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Golden Sunrise


Golden sunrise shining its warm glow on Coney Island Singapore

Digging into old pictures, sometimes I found something I totally forgot was there. This is one of those picture.

This is a closer view of the stone edge fronting Coney Island Singapore. This is where some of the anglers like to fish. Sometimes I can see the fishes right there in the water. But on that particular morning, the shoreline here was rather empty. The sunlight was brilliantly golden that morning. I did not notice this before but there was a tiny casuarina plant next to a row of older trees. So new life found a way to regenerate on this island. Sometimes when you are lucky, the otters make an appearance right here, usually in the early morning.

Good luck to all and have a wonderful weekend!


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Sunset Sequence at Serangoon Reservoir

For the most part, I had taken lots of sunrise pictures. Sunset photography – occasionally.

This is the sequence of sunset pictures taken while I was at the Serangoon Reservoir East Dam during the super moon evening this year. The left frame shows the Nature Walk section of Punggol Promenade while the right side shows the opposite edge of Coney Island Singapore. Watch how the light conditions change in a matter of minutes.

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Some days I was initially disappointed when I see the clouds – mostly grey sky. Just lingering for a few minutes more at one location can turn out to be the best decision ever. Composition wise, I prefer the vertical versions because the intense colours are much more highlighted. The next morning, the sunrise was indeed spectacular.

Have a great weekend and Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all those celebrating!


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Peaceful Reflection at Serangoon Reservoir

serangoon resevoir lorong halus wetland

Sunrise at Serangoon Reservoir with Lorong Halus Wetland in the backgroud

Here is a sunrise collage of Serangoon Reservoir, taken at Punggol Promenade facing Lorong Halus Wetland.

In the early morning when the wind is still you see perfect reflections in the water. Very serene when there is mist and vibrant when a colourful sunrise radiates on the horizon. It is a great location for dawn and sunrise photography. Very peaceful with the sounds of birds chirping while waiting for the day to awaken.

There are many photos of these areas in this blog because this place is the gateway for my weekend trips when cycling to Punggol Beach, Pasir Ris Park or Changi Beach. It is also convenient that I can reach here within 10 minutes from my home.

So wherever you stay, I encourage you to explore your surroundings for pockets of nature and just chill out!


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Misty Morning

misty landscape

Misty morning in the forest

Misty morning is always delightful to see. When the condition is right – hot day and cool night – expect to see some bit of mist in the early morning.

This scene was taken many months ago in front of Punggol Field. Chance upon this location while on the way to the beach. It was a very nice detour that brought many discoveries. Mist was quite thick before 7am and lingered for a while. When the sun rose with birds chirping and whirling about and mist swirling around the trees and lalang – I was in wonderland – magical!

Sad to say there are more barricades around the area now so access is more limited now. There are still plenty of photo opportunities around the area though.

Here is a sepia version of a misty forest landscape taken on the same location. Strip of color, it think it evokes a more moody or haunting picture than the original. Hold on tight to what you have because you never know how long it will last.

misty forest

The trees, with barely any leaves, paint a stark picture against the faint outline of a crane in misty background


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Mysterious Forest

rays of light

Rays of light through a forest in the early morning while a figure strolled by in the far distance

Forest to me are very earthy, mysterious and at times haunting. Going through a long mental block had me looking for inspiration in older pictures.

I posted this picture a few months ago and reprocessed it with a tinge of hdr this time. That tiny figure awashed in the early morning light drew me into the forest every time.

Hoping to re-create that scene some day but with a different vibe and lighting conditions. Misty morning would be good. It could look eerie then.


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