5 Reasons to Visit Queenstown, New Zealand

14 Oct
Queenstown : Early winter dawn

Queenstown : Early winter dawn

Have you ever visit a  place….and

…your heart rejoice?
…you blink your eyes again and again in astonishment?
…your mouth says “wow”!
…your mind says “I must return here”?
…your soul feels at peace?

People always ask me “why do you return to New Zealand again and again”. My answer “because my heart sings with joy and my weary soul feels at ease”.

Queenstown : Rainbow

Queenstown Rainbow - first winter snow

Basic facts

  • There are more sheep here than people
  • North Island is warmer and has more people compared to South Island
  • The capital is Wellington, even though most major airlines get here via Auckland in North Island
I always end up a night here and there in Queenstown. There is simply no way to avoid Queenstown!

Five Reasons to visit Queenstown, New Zealand

  • skiing – there are three mountains surrounding Queenstown
  • bungyjump – get that adrenaline rush
  • hiking – through unspoilt forest and natural wonders
  • lake and mountain views – a photographer’s dream
  • Lord of the Ring scenes – need I say more?

Why do so many people visit Queenstown every year? Consider this : snow-capped mountains, beautiful lake and Lord of the Ring! Who can resist? People come here because of the breathtaking scenery, ski opportunities and the countless heart-pumping activities in and around Queenstown. It is not only fun for the thrill seekers – families will be happy to know that children will love it here.

You don’t have to spend all your money on one activity after another. Look closer and there are things to do for free here. Feed the ducks at Lake Wakatipu or take a stroll at Queenstown Gardens. There are numerous hiking options for free. Grab a map from the Information Centre, the I-site.

What is a holiday without pictures? A sneak preview of what is in store for the next few days :  in-depth coverage of Queenstown, New Zealand.

Additional : Click here for recommended activities in Queenstown.

Stay tune!

Queenstown Lake Wakatipu

Queenstown Lake Wakatipu Aeriel View


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4 responses to “5 Reasons to Visit Queenstown, New Zealand

  1. Kyran

    February 14, 2012 at 10:17 pm

    Hi, I love the pics that u posted!

    I would like to travel to Queenstown in April on a solo trip for a week. Would you be able to lend me some advice on how best to travel there (is there a direct flight there?) and where to stay?

    Thanks a million!!

    • hasayang

      February 16, 2012 at 7:17 pm

      Hi Kyran. April is autumn in Queentown, a wonderful time to catch the landscape all ablaze in wonderful color. Recommended – spend some time in Arrowtown, nearby Queenstown. There is a regular bus service. Check out the I-site for more information. For information on Queenstown, check out here :

      On how to get to Queenstown :

      Air New Zealand, Qantas, FlyPacificBlue, Jetstar flies to Queenstown Airport.

      You can take an international flight to Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch Airports and from there, take a domestic flight to Queenstown Airport.

      On accommodation to suit your budget, check out here :

      I stayed at Thomas Hotel for its location. Right there on the waterfront and within walking distance to the bus stop and shops. Not quite the best facilities but it suits my needs.

      Have fun on you holiday! 🙂


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