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Easy Mountain Bike Trail at Tampines Bike Park

tampines bike park map

Map of mountain bike trails at Tampines Bike Park

An unplanned visit to Tampines Bike Park turned out to be an interesting and fun trip. I will certainly be back for more later.

I entered via the trail on the right side, next to the car park. I found out later that there was another entrance. I assume this is through the car park. People need to sign in for the BMX tracks and take a course before they can cycle there.

In any case, I saw that signboard after cycling about 5 mins. That red patch “You are Here” is the location of the signboard. There are only two huts for shelter here. Always check for the weather forecast and bring along water before coming here. This spot is a good place for a short rest as there are two wooden seats there.

tampines bike park

Signboard and wooden seat at Tampines Bike Park before reaching the Pond section of the trail

A short distance from here is the second hut with a view of the two ponds, as shown in the previous post – Tampines Bike Park – Nature and Tranquility. I love the tranquility of this section of the trail.

Onwards, cycle further into the forest trail. Loose sandy soil were a wee bit tough to cycle after a long respite.


The primary forest trail at Tampines Bike Park

Soon you will pass the substation. Did not take any picture, next time I will.

After that, more sandy trail.

mountain bike trail

Sandy mountain bike trail after the substation at Tampines Bike Park

Further up, there is a slight incline to the hilltop. I opted out of this since I was not wearing a helmet and the mountain bike had no suspension whatsoever.

Note –  all cyclists please wear helmets if you plan to cycle the more adventurous trails here. Up until that incline, the trail is pretty flat.

From pictures posted, the hilltop shows a beautiful view of the surrounding area. Something to look forward next time.

Location of Tampines Bike Park

If you don’t own a bicycle, you can rent one at SunPlaza, just across the road from Tampines Bike Park. Alternatively, rent one from the bike kiosk at Pasir Ris Town Park. Cycle along the Tampines Park Connector to reach here.

A look back at Tampines Bike Park before I head home. More to come!

The pond section at tampines bike park

Tampine Bike Park – the ponds and hut section – taken from the bike mirror.


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Tampines Bike Park – Nature and Tranquility

Tampines Bike Park is not only a place to practice your mountain biking skills, it is also a place of nature and tranquility among the urban housing and industrial complexes in north east Singapore. These pictures were taken this morning, opposite the Pavillion. If you come here to cycle, don’t forget to bring along the camera!

tampines mountain bike park

Tampines Mountain Bike Park Nature Reflection

tampines mountain bike park

Flooded Gravel Path at Tampines Mountain Bike Park

tampines mountain bike park

Early Morning at Tampines Mountain Bike Park

tampines mountain bike park

Gravel Path between two Ponds at Tampines Mountain Bike Park

tampines mountain bike park

Tranquil landscape at Tampines Mountain Bike Park


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Dawn at Pasir Ris Farmway 3


Early Morning at Pasir Ris Farmway 3 Stream

This picture was taken yesterday’s morning at 6.56am. This stream, canal or longkang runs at a 90 degrees angle to the canal that is a shortcut from Pasir Ris Farmway 3 to Pasir Ris Drive 3. Though the water looks dirty, it harbours much life. I have seen turtles, fish and even snakes there. People fish here too. Bird watchers gather around this area as well.  It is a rustic oasis among the urban dwellings surrounding the area.


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