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Wheelock Place Architecture

Wheelock Place - Wings of an Angel

Glass Architecture

There are several buildings along Orchard Road that I think are unique and fantastic architectural designs.

One of them is the iconic ION Orchard and the other is Wheelock Place – the glass front entrance.

I always liken the two arches as wings and when the sun shines at an angle, sometimes a solar halo can be seen. Haven’t been lucky enough to photograph such a scene here but I managed to get some halo photos over a few buildings in Marina Bay. That is for later. I am hoping I will be lucky enough to photograph it here – it would be such an awesome sight.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to observe 2 minutes silence tomorrow, 1 March 2011 at 12.51pm (NZ time) or 07.51am Singapore time in honour of Christchurch earthquake victims.

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2 Minutes Silence at 12.51pm (NZ time) on 1 March 2011

Lake ManapouriThis is a picture of Lake Manapouri in New Zealand. A new day, a new beginning, hope and aspiration.

To the people who lost family and friends in the recent event, my heart goes to you.

In honour of the quake victims, Prime Minister John Key had asked all New Zealanders to observe two minutes of silence from 12.51pm on Tuesday, 1 March 2011 – exactly one week after Christchurch’s earthquake.

Source : NZherald

Singapore is about 5 hours behind New Zealand, so the time is about 7.51am. Let us all join the silence in unity and solitary.

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The ABCs of Taking It Easy – 5 Tips

Take it easy, be happy!

Take it easy, be happy!

How many times have you come back from vacation and need another few days to rest from the vacation? Sounds familiar? Hmmm…some suggestions for consideration.

1. Plan Your Own Vacation

Instead of taking a package tour, why not plan your own vacation. No doubt it is a longer process as you have to do your own research and decide what you want to do within your budget. The good thing for such a plan – you are your own boss. Wake up as early or late as you wish. This is versus the pain of early wake-up calls for a package tour.

2. Don’t Plan Any Itinieary

This may be contradictory to point one. May be more suitable for personality types who think on the fly and make fast decisions as opposed to anxious personalities who have to plan every single thing from start to finish. But hey, be adventurous for once – do things outside of your comfort zone. You may just discover you are stronger than you think you are. Liberate the inner independent soul. Just decide what to do on that particular day and just do it!

3. Travel Light

Bring along only the barest essentials and two days of clothing. Make sure they are fast drying clothes. Recycle and wash for the next dressing. More room for shopping. Your shoulders and hands will thank you.

4. Don’t Rush

Easier said than done. The feet are so used to walking fast in catching the train or the bus. Slow down. Take slower steps and stroll instead. Hold hands. Breathe slowly. It is vacation time, not work mode.

5. Eat Light, Eat Full

On holidays, the comfort food of home will not always be there. Open your mind and palate and sample the local dishes. Eat smaller portions so the stomach will not get a sudden shock. Drink constantly to prevent dehydration. If hungry between meals, buy some snacks like fruits and nuts.

Take it easy on your vacation!

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Cathedral – the icon of Christchurch

Christchurch - Catheral Square

Christchurch - Cathedral

I am a little short of time today. So for today posting, I leave this image of the icon of Christchurch – the Cathedral. While the earthquake may have destroyed some sections of it, I expect it will be rebuilt. An icon it was, still is and will always be – not only to the Kiwis but to the visitors. Thank you for the welcome while I was there and New Zealand will always remain in my heart. I will be back there soon.

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Christchurch Earthquake Day 3 : 98 Dead 226 Missing

It is Day 3 since the earthquake hit Christchurch, New Zealand on Tuesday, 22 February 2011. Official quake toll is now 98, with at least 92 held in a temporary morgue. The missing is listed as 226.

In the badly damaged CTV Building, up to 122 people are feared missing and unaccounted for – among them, more than 80 students and staff from King’s Education Ltd.

Safety concern remains over Hotel Grand Chancellor that is on the verge of collapse. Should that happen, it will cause a domino effect on the surrounding buildings and unstabilise the grounds. Keep your prayers and fingers crossed.

News Highlights

Christchurch earthquake: Official death toll now 98
No survivors in cathedral after earthquake – police
Twenty-one Chinese listed as missing in Christchurch quake
Rescuers switch to recovery mode at PGC building
Christchurch earthquake: Victim’s legs amputated at PGC
Christchurch earthquake: Rescuers’ focus remains on the living
Christchurch earthquake: Updates

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Update : Christchurch Earthquake

It was only late last night did I realised the full devastation of this earthquake. I had stayed in Christchurch for at least two nights here each time I was in New Zealand. I had walked these streets and stand in awe of these places. My heart aches and goes out to the people in New Zealand. Stay strong, keep the faith and hopes alive.

Listed below are some of the news highlights.

Christchurch Cathedral
Hotel Grand Chancellor on verge of collapse
CTV building ‘not survivable’ – police
Miracle rescue a ray of hope amid despair
Key warns quake death toll will climb
Christchurch quake day two: As it happened

What you need to know

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6.3 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Christchurch, New Zealand


Another earthquake hits Christchurch, New Zealand today just when the tourist city had recovered from its last earthquake. This time there were devastating casualties. 65 people were reported dead, 35 workers were trapped in two major buildings while two people were missing in the Cathedral. Several major landmarks in Christchurch were reported badly damaged, among them the ever popular Cathedral. Latest news update – at least 100 people remained trapped in collapsed buildings and the death toll could reach 200 – 300 people.

Christchurch Airport was closed. For those travelling to Christchurch, check with your travel agencies and country consulate for further advise on travel plans.

Our support and prayers go to our friends in New Zealand.



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