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Coney Island Singapore Re-visited

Most weekends, I will be out here cycling or just simply walking. It is a great place to chill out, unwind, soak in nature and practice photography. When the island was first opened, the gates at both ends were not installed yet. Now, the gates are only opened from 7am – 7pm daily.

Today’s post is more on nature photography on the island.

Misty Morning

Taken on 26 March 2017. When out cycling, I only bring along minimum gear, sometimes just the handphone. But that morning, I brought along the Nikon P900. Misty morning, just my favourite kind of scenery. The first picture, didn’t know that the lens was foggy from condensation but I like the effect anyway. Wait for the sun to rise higher up and the sunrays appeared!


A Different Perspective

These pictures were taken on 1 April 2017, using Nikon D5100. Happy belated April Fool Day, haha! Was hoping for mist but nope. Not meant to be on that day. But I found a different view I really like. Would not have notice this if I was out cycling. I’m glad I walked that morning, even though it was a last minute decision to get here. Walking is good because the mind slows down and see things in a different light. Pun intended!



Taken this morning, 2 April 2017, using Olympus Pen E-PL6. Such a long time ago since I used this camera. Out cycling today so just a small camera to practice and check out different things. Tried out the 40-150 mm lens which I think I had only used about 3 times before. Switch to manual mode and make the best of the situations.

If you haven’t been here before, do come visit! Its a haven for nature lovers, cycling buddies and photography khakis! 🙂


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Flower Dome Architecture, Gardens by the Bay

The architecture at the Flower Dome at Gardens by the Bay has always fascinated me.

Beyond the beautiful flowers that reside within – this is the reflective beauty of the glass walls that stream light into its home.

Curved walls, patterns and textures, lines criss-crossing everywhere, reflection, defraction, illusion, imagination. Look up to the ceiling, steel beams connecting all that prism of light.

Light glow at the staircase…..stairway to heavens?…….well that is my imagination running a bit wild.

If you have not been here, from this montage, I hope you get a glimpse of what my eyes see.

For more information about the Flower Dome, click > Flower Dome, Gardens by the Bay


Montage of glass walls architecture at Flower Dome, Gardens by the Bay

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Fireworks at Singapore Sports Hub

Singapore Sports Hub Fireworks

Singapore Sports Hub Fireworks

Last night, with a group of friends, I went out to shoot fireworks at the newly opened Singapore Sports Hub.

The occasion is to mark “One Year to the SEA Games”.

Very challenging to shoot fireworks. They come so fast, not possible to capture everything. More finetuning for next time.


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Pasir Ris Park

Pasir Ris Park
pasir ris park

Vertical panorama collage at Pasir Ris Park

I suppose the composition can fall under the rule of thirds.

Of the many composition style, I do love the leading lines composition. Just follow the lines, wherever that may lead you.

Have you been to the mangrove boardwalk at Pasir Ris Park? If you have not, take a look, not many visitors there. A little greenery post for the weekend.

I am off for a trip, have a great weekend!


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Stormy Sunrise

Stormy Sunrise
Morning landscape with storm clouds at the North Eastern Riverine Loop Park Connector

Morning landscape with storm clouds at the North Eastern Riverine Loop Park Connector

Some mornings, it is worth every effort to wake up early and greet the dawn.

See the storm clouds. Watch how the changing lights flicker like a light switch from grey to red to golden yellow. There is a reason why the Golden Hour is so special.

If you stay nearby, come see the morning while cycling, hiking or jogging at the North Eastern Riverine Loop Park Connector. Bright lights are not always on the eastern horizon. Look behind you on the western horizon and see the pinkish afterglow.

Hope you have a great weekend!


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Sunset at Pasir Ris Farmway 3

pasir ris farmway 3 lalang field

Sunset Panorama at Pasir Ris Farmway 3

The lalang grass are growing in big patches across the empty field at Pasir Ris Farmway 3.

As I passed this road on my way to Pasir Ris Park in the morning, I had this idea that the lalangs would be aglow during sunset. True enough on my way home yesterday evening, they were ablazed in the sun’s golden glow.

I just wanted to see how the photos turn up with no editing done. Taken with an Olympus PL6 with the 14-40mm kit lens.

If you pass this area, remember to snap a few photos before the lalang grass are all gone.




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Lorong Halus Wetland – Curvy, Lurvy, Bendy Path

Lorong Halus Wetland

Walking track in Lorong Halus Wetland

As often as I come here, there are always different things to see.

There are plenty of walking track or path here. Most of the paths, bend right and left before a straight line ahead.

I was there two weeks ago with a different lens this time – a Tokina 11-16mm. Walking around with a wide angle lens to emphasize those curvy lines throughout the park. There are many trumpet trees in the park as well as next to the main road heading here. These were taken on 6 April 2014 so the trees may had shed all its flowers by now.

So next time you are here, follow a different path, use a different lens or camera and see things in a different perspective.

Have a great weekend!





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