Perspective : Back View of Merlion

23 Mar

Must everything be perfect?

Nah… is so much fascinating when things are a bit chaotic and every rule in the book is broken. What does this have to do with the title of this post?

There are many post card pictures of the Merlion on the Internet, side view and front view. I just thought why not show a different perspective from the back view instead. Here it is.

Back View of the Merlion

Is it the best angle? No. Not even the sharpest details. Just experimenting. Yes, it was intentionally overly saturated. I just like the angle of the shot. It captured the Singapore Flyer at an angle, Marina Bay Sands at a slight arch, the Singapore Art Museum almost at the foot of the Merlion and a bit of focus to the wavy outline of the blue waves at the base. Art is very subjective anyway.

I am curious though. What is that rectangle at the back of the Merlion for? Cable wires? Hmmm. Anyway, if I am not mistaken the Merlion is being temporarily made into a hotel now.

Experiment away!

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