5 Favourite Cities of the World

15 Nov



Singapore City Landscape

Obviously not everyone is going to agree. Do you prefer the city or the rural area? Personally I would prefer living somewhere as far away from the city as possible. However living in the city does have its advantages, namely great infrastructures, convenience, endless variety of food, the arts and big shopping malls. I don’t deny being a shopaholic. 😉

My top 5 favourite cities :

  1. San Francisco. I love the crooked streets and who can forget the San Francisco Bridge. Shopping there is simply great.
  2. Sydney. It reminds me a bit of home. I have friends and family there – so many memories. As a bonus, the Opera House is spectacular. Will always remember Chinatown area where I met my online buddies from a Lord of the Rings forum.
  3. Kuala Lumpur. So many shopping malls there. Plenty of food stalls with reasonable prices. Go up the Petronas Twin Towers – awesome view of the city.
  4. Istanbul. Bridging both Europe and Asia continent. Such a great mixture of history, culture and modernisation. Don’t forget to visit the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sofia.
  5. Singapore. You may call me bias but this is home. A shopaholic and food paradise. The Merlion is touted as the tourism symbol. There are others of noteworthy mentions. Will cover on that later.

So, do you have any favourites? Till then, take care!

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