Go Forth, Travel!

12 Oct


Travel doesn’t come cheap. Yes, there may be discounted airfare or accommodation but these types of offers are either last minute or you need to book way back in advance.

You don’t have to be rich to travel. It just takes planning, discipline and budgeting. You need not go far. If time and budget are limited, just set aside maybe a day or two just to unwind and clear your mind. My favourite quote, “Life is a journey, not a destination”.

So, how to ensure there is always money to go on travels? I wrote this article two years ago after a traumatic experience and posted it in this blog last month. To this very day, I am glad that whatever happened in the past, happen – it taught me many valuable lessons in life. I can now say that every year I get to travel and fulfill my inner need to wander the continent.

A few days ago, someone tweet me this link. Truly coincidental that the authors in the mentioned articles also write about travel budget in terms of five tips.

More links on planning for a holiday

Life is too short for simply dreaming. Free your inner wanderer. Go forth, Travel!

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