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Last Sunset of 2011 and Next Year Plans

Well 2011 is coming to an end midnight today. I hope the year has been good to you and your loved ones. May the new year bring you more good fortune and happiness.

Thank you friends for taking the time to read the blog, clicking on the like button, leaving your comments and all the encouragement. I fulfilled the “Post a Day” WordPress challenge. Whew! What a relieve! Come next year, I will be focusing more on building my photography portfolio so posting will slightly reduced. Over time, this blog has evolved to a travelogue, photo-for-the-day, information and focus on Punggol Waterway. This has become a personal project of mine. For next year, posts on Punggol Waterway will usually be done on weekends. Events or travel information will be posted as and when there is something to report. Photography wise, I will like to post Photo-of-the-Week on a Monday. Hopefully all these plans are on schedule.

This photo is the last sunset of 2011. Glad I went out today after a whole day of having fever. Nothing like some exercise to make you feel a bit better. Those attending the new year’s countdown, have a great time! Happy New Year, everybody! May 2012 bring you good tidings!

punggol waterway

2011 Last Sunset

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Trees Collage

trees collage

A collage of trees in an abandoned forest

The filter effect. Once in a while, I do like to experiment. Take a photo, use the filter software and check out the result.This was done using ACDSee 14. I had a trial run of 30 days before the free use is over. They do have some amazing filters there. It was great fun experimenting. Looking at this picture, I am a wee sad. It is almost the end of year. A time of reflections and new beginnings. We all grow a little bit older though some seem to get younger year by year. Hmm. This tiny forest is the remains of time past. A few years down the road, all its existence will be wiped out. I am thankful to be given this time to cherish what has remained and record its history. Peace all.

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Stages of a Bean’s Life

Let’s have a look at the flora and fauna around us. These are pictures recording the stages of a Bean’s Life. From its first bud, to the flowering stage and finally emerging as a bean. I don’t have the scientific name of these  plants. Just love the sunny yellow flowers. These plants are planted around the Waterplay area at Punggol Waterway. Have a closer look if you are there.

The Budding Stage

Plants shoots or buds full of life

The Flowering Stage

yellow flowers

Beautiful Yellow Flowers emerging from the plants buds

The Fruits Stage


From the Yellow Flowers, these beans come to its Fruitful stage

The lower half of the yellow flowers already sprouted young beans. When they mature, these grow into these branches of beans. Not too sure if they are edible for human consumption though.

But it was a fun day shooting them. 🙂


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Cold Little Bird

Little Bird taking comfort against the strong winds

This little birdie seemed to have made this perch its home. No matter how many times it flew off to other places, it came back to this very perch again and again. It was so windy that day. Gushes of strong wind flew by and ruffle its feathers constantly. It seemed to be huddling against the cold. At times, a mate or companion flew by to sit at its side. It seemed unafraid when I try to get a closer look. I’ll come by to see you this weekend, little birdie. See you!

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Waterplay at Punggol Waterway


Punggol Waterway in the early morning

As seen from the bridge, this is a view of Punggol Waterway. The Waterplay area with the water cannons and water fountains are on top the hill, next to the “Rustic Bridge” or suspension bridge. While I was there, the water started sprouting around 8.45am. Not sure if that is the usual timing or if they were turned on because a group of kids and their teachers, I assumed, arrived there exactly at that time. The look of joy and excitement on the kids faces were delightful to see.

This picture is more of a wide angle frame of the surroundings. At that hour, the sun shined at a low angle and I wanted to capture the green glow of the grassland with the trees casting shadows and there was a slight mist on the background.

Next time if you are there around this hour, do check if the water fountains at the Waterplay area are switched on at 8.45am.


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Golden Sunrise


Sunrise over Pulau Ubin

Wake up! Good morning! Rise and shine. Monday morning and it is Boxing Day, yeah? Hope everyone have a wonderful holiday. Here is a picture of a golden sunrise with Pulau Ubin in the background. Taken while I was there at Punggol Promenade, on the right side of Punggol Beach Jetty Point a few months ago. When the light and cloud conditions are in perfect alignment, this is a great location for sunrise photography. The birds, ships and airplanes are zipping by constantly. I am still waiting for that brilliant red sunrise shot. Take the time to wake up early, breathe in the cool air, sit back and watch the warm glow of sunrise slowly lights up the scene.

Happy Holidays!


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Black and White Queenstown Landscape


Lake Wakatipu in Black and White

Merry Christmas to all those celebrating! Be good and have a wonderful holiday and exciting New Year!

I am still away on holiday and today’s entry was scheduled for posting before I went away on holiday. This picture is taken on the same location as yesterday. Except this time it is done in black and white and taken at a wider angle. A contrast of silhouette and brighter hues of white snow and sky.

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