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Raffles City Christmas Tree

I did not take any pictures of the Christmas tree at Raffles City Shopping Mall last year. Not losing the chance this year. It is a golden and red theme this year. I am going around town just to check out the decorations for the festive season. Some are better than last year and some a wee bit less than the past event. The weekend is almost here. Have fun!

chrismats tree

Christmas Tree at Raffles City Shopping Mall

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Christmas Tree Ablaze at Orchard Road

I just read the news that a christmas tree outside Ngee Ann City Tower A caught fire last night at about 8.36pm. Pictures and videos are posted at Yahoo Singapore. Unfortunately, the fire destroyed the christmas tree. No report out yet on the cause of the blaze.

There were three christmas trees outside of Ngee Ann City that I remembered. From the videos and picture, it looked to be the tree on the extreme left. For comparison, these pictures were taken last thursday night before the fire destroyed the tree.

Christmas Tree before the fire at Ngee Ann City

Three Chrismas Trees outside Ngee Ann City 5 days before the Fire

chrismas trees outside ngee ann city

Vertical View of Christmas Trees outside Ngee Ann City

Thursday night, there were maintenance or repairs done to that christmas tree on the far side. If that was the christmas tree on fire last night, I wonder if there are any faulty wiring. Sad to see it go up in a blaze of glory. So very very glad I got pictures before its destruction.

Hope there is a replacement soon.


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Kites Flying

Another posting on kites today. I am beginning to be fascinated by them.

Stumbled upon a group of guys flying kites. It took coordinated efforts from each guy to fly each kite into a formation, steady them, disburse, then come together once more. At one stage, the kites formed into a perfect circle, then scrambled away and become like a ladder. One kite refused to cooperate and well formed its own solo company. Heh heh!

Very interesting to watch. 😉

fly kite

fly kite

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Framing a Picture

Well, today’s posting is about an exercise in composing a picture using natural frames. Same location, different perspectives using the “cage” or bridge structure to frame the landscape.

Wide Angle Frame

natural frame composition

Horizontal View by Framing Landscape

In this composition, the landscape is broken up in smaller pieces using the natural angles of the bridge structure. It helps that we had blue sky and puffy clouds on that day. With a dull sky I doubt it will work as well.

Vertical Panorama

using natural frames

Focus Upward - the Sky Is the Limit

Turn the camera the other way now for a vertical perspective. Keep a low horizon and the sky is the emphasis of the photo. I like the circle in the centre. If the clouds would cover the sun for a “ray of god’s” moment right smack in the centre circle, that would have been a very interesting picture.

Side Angle – Rule of Thirds

Rule of Third

Perspective Lines - Side Angle

On hindsight, I should have moved a wee bit to the left so that the dam would fit nicely in that lower frame instead of being slightly covered. At this angle, the nearest metal frame looked the biggest and the furthest looked the smallest. An interplay of perspective lines. I like this composition best of the three pictures.

No matter how many times I have been to the same place, I always try to take photos from different angles. Break out from the monotony and change perspectives once a while.


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Dragon Boat Race in Singapore

Today, I tagged along with my sister-in-law in support of her cousin participating in the Dragon Boat Race at the Singapore River, in front of UOB Plaza. Event started at 10.30am with various teams from corporate companies, polytechnics and various sectors from the government and statutory boards. It rained intermittently and we had to rushed for cover each time a heavy downpour started.

Pictures from the event.

dragon boat race

dragon boat race at singapore river

dragon boat

singapore river

singapore river

dragon boat race


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November Sunset at Lorong Halus Wetland

It had been a while since I took any sunset photographs while at the Lorong Halus Wetland. It rained in the late afternoon but had subsided in the evening. Weather forecast was cloudy in the evening. Perfect conditions for a great sunset. The battery went flat while I was taking pictures at Rievierra LRT Station. Always bring a spare camera or the handphone could be handy. I used my Lumix LX5 camera instead.

Three pictures from different focal length taken at the red bridge, Lorong Halus Wetland. As we got nearer to December, the sunset position had moved further to the left horizon. While in May around 7pm, the sunset’s position was just over the buildings on the right frame.

Tomorrow’s weather forecast is rain in the late morning and early afternoon. Bear that in mind if you are going out. Have a great weekend!

sunset view from lorong halus wetland

Sunset over Punggol and Serangoon Reservoir

lorong halus wetland sunset

Beautiful Clouds during Sunset

lorong halus wetland sunset view

Wide-angle view of Serangoon Reservoir during sunset

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Orchard Road on a Thursday Night

Just came back from Orchard Road and running short of time. Haven’t got a chance to look at the pictures yet to see if there is any worth posting. In summary, the whole stretch of Orchard Road was lit in blue and silver christmas lighting. It was raining now and then. Even after 10pm when most shops had closed down, there was a constant stream of people. Not advisable to take bus or taxis at that hour. Traffic jam and cars horning constantly. Best to take the MRT instead. Be right back later with pictures.

Update : Pictures uploaded.

Singapore Christmas Light Up 2011

Orchard Road in Silver Blue Lights for the Singapore Christmas Light Up 2011

Orchard Road

Crazy traffic at Orchard Road during Christmas Light Up

A few things to note. Wisma Atria at street level is undergoing renovations. The side street in front of CK Tangs  and ION Orchard are under construction too. November is not the optimum time to take christmas lights in Orchard Road it seems. Wait till December, once renovations are done, to take those pictures.

Have a great weekend, everybody!

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