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Hazy Singapore

haze singapore

TPE Expressway looking very hazy on 22/06/2013 10.04am

Today’s weather…..HAZY!

This morning picture – sengkang hdb blocks on the left and punggol estate on the right. Can you spot the Punggol flats in the distance? At that point the PSI index was 326 and now at 11am it is 322. Very hot and stuffy at home. No aircon.

Everybody, take care of yourself and your love ones. Wear mask if you are going outdoors. Hang in there, we will get through this bad weather. Check the NEA website ( for hourly update on the PSI index and haze conditions.


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Edge of Sunset and Twilight

Sungei Punggol

Red sky and blue twilight landscape at Punggol Reservoir – click for larger image

When sunset and twilight converge, you see the different colours of the sky – between red sky and the blue hue of twilight…..

When I first bought a DSLR with the kit lens, I couldn’t figure out why the focus ring keep whirling to focus whenever it was night or early morning scenery. It was only later I discover the importance of prime or fast lens or a lens with a wide aperture. The reason why the camera has a hard time to focus is because during low light conditions, there is not enough light to capture images.  So if you like to shoot early in the morning or evening, a lens with F2.8 aperture or even better F1.8 or F1.4 is a good investment. Don’t need to crank up the ISO too much, resulting in less grainy images.

For this picture, there was no light in forest. Need to use the distance lights on the far left horizon, press the shutter half way to focus, then re-compose. From the news report, this forest you see here will be a future nature park facing the Matilda estate in Punggol.

Enjoy the scenery as you see them now. Something is always changing. In the future , something else always come along. Have a greet weekend!

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Bird in Flight

Bird of Prey

Rapture flying over Serangoon Reservoir – click for bigger picture

Today, after the rain, the landscape was fresh and serene. The birds flew about chirping. Out of nowhere, this rapture swept from the left, sighting prey. Fascinating to watch it hunting. Initially looked like the rapture was catching fish. Turned out there was a smaller bird closer to the water and the rapture was hunting that little bird.

Serangoon Reservoir after the Rain

Flight of Freedom – click for bigger picture

Times like these, I really really wish for a good telephoto zoom lens.

A few months back, I saw a white featured eagle zooming and caught a big red fish in its claws at Sungei Pinang. Another time, I saw a hornbill flew by near the Sunrise Bridge. Just this morning at Changi Beach, at least three hornbills were yakking at the trees. Wonder what they were conversing about. 😉

So, there are plenty of wildlife in Singapore, despite the urban landscape. Just need to continue the conservation works and honour nature blessings.

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