Hello and Goodbye in Picton

26 Nov


Picton signboard

Picton signboard


For those celebrating Thanksgiving, hope you have a wonderful day with friends and family.

Say goodbye to the long weekdays and hello “Good Friday” and the weekends!

The title is apt I think considering my topic for today – Picton.

Picton is the departure point for those taking the ferry to Wellington, North Island – New Zealand. In that case “Fare thee well”. A warm welcome to those just arriving in Picton. Bon jour! Hello!

In the rush for the next destination, not many would overnight in Picton. I was totally clueless about Picton during my first trip to New Zealand.

For a little explaination on the history of Picton, click on the above picture for a larger view.

Panorama Picton Sunset

Panorama Picton Sunset

Tip 1 : Try the fish and chips. So yummy!

Tip 2 : If staying in hostel, ask the staff if the bus stops directly at the hotel. If so book directly with the hostel instead of the I-site.

Tip 3 : If hiking the Queen Charlotte Track, Malborough Sounds for several days, you may want to book through your hostel since some hostel offer discounted price for watertaxis.

Picton Harbour

Picton Harbour

If cooking your own meals in a motel or hostel, how about trying some mussels? The is the place well known for growing wine and mussels in New Zealand.

There are a number of easy hiking tracks opposite the harbour but my knees were too swollen for the attempt. To cut the story short, too much hiking in a short burst of time may damage the knees cartiledge.

Will cover more on Queen Charlotte Track at a later post. One way to maximise time and money is to go on a half day kayaking and hike a short section of the Queen Charlotte Track the other half of the day. Here are secluded bays and hidden enclaves. Serenity all around – peace for the heart and soul.

For more information on things to see and do in Picton, click here. If taking ferry to North Island, here is the link.

Till next time, have a golly good Friday and the best of weekends!

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