Rollercoasters Thrill Rides : Dos and Don’ts

10 Mar

Battlestar Gallactica Rollercoaster at Universal Studio Singapore

Rollercoasters – I love them. The indoor rollercoasters are fun and exciting – never really know what is going to happen next. Of all the many theme parks that I had gone to, the scariest and the most fun was at Knotts Berry Farm in LA, USA.

It wasn’t the longest or the biggest. Sheer terror – that was my first impression. We were warned that it was the scariest ride there. So we watched the kids screaming while waiting our turns. Suddenly the music stopped and the chair rides hang upside down. Everybody went upside down. Screams! For more than 3 minutes. Yes, I counted.

All that red faces after the ride started again, I remembered them well. Then it was our turn.

But no, the operators said there was a malfunction. Oh, oh. Did not sound good. I could hear everybody’s heart sank. Was this a bad omen? Hmmm..

But a few of us decided to stick through and came back later when the ride started functioning again. When it came to that upside down position, it did cause a slight jolt to the heart. But then, we all started to laugh. Of terror? Oh no…we were having fun! Started making faces to everybody watching and checking out each other on what was hanging out there.

There were some lessons there.


  • Eat light meals before the rides. Leave at least 1 hour for the food to be digested.
  • Test out the chair ride at the entrance to see if you fit in (there are weight restrictions).
  • Make sure all seat belts are fastened securely (most important!).
  • Wear fast drying or light clothing – you will sweat!
  • Lean your head back. All that jostling could hurt if your head hits the corners of the seats.


  • Don’t ever ride a rollercoaster immediately after eating a heavy meal. You are bound to throw up.
  • Leave all coins, money, pens and whatever in a bag stored in a locker. If you must have something with you, keep them in a zipper pocket.
  • Rollercoasters are not suitable for pregnant ladies, people with weak hearts and other ailments. Take care of yourself before deciding if this ride is for you.
  • If having migraines or feeling dizzy, come back another time to ride the rollercoaster. It will cause more pain and sickness if you go ahead. A painful lesson to learn, I attest to that.
  • Not a good idea also to eat immediately after riding a rollercoaster. The stomach is still topsy turvy.

So, care to go on a rollercoaster?

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