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A Walk Around Balestier Road, Singapore

balestier road, singapore

Balestier Road – shopts, lights, architecture

First, apologies for the sporadic posting this year. Been splitting my attention between cycling and learning more about photography. Let’s get back to posting.

Come with me on a journey to Balestier Road. Thanks to Allan Lee from Singapore Shutter Journey Photography Group for organising all the photo trips around Singapore. It has been fun and I learn a lot.

Balestier Road in Singapore is a mixture of old historical buildings, condos, private houses, commercial shops and buildings and a rich heritage trail. After meeting at Shaw House, off we went and started shooting.

The first thing I noticed – so many shops selling lights.

lights on sale window display

Sale – blink blink bright lights

The Lighting shop signboard

Signboard so appropriate

Sale signboards were everywhere. I had always been fascinated by window display. It takes skills, imagination and creativity for window display which acts like a lure to draw people inside shopping.

lights shop

Entrance to Lights Shop

lights shop

Creative staircase to Lights Shop

Uncle and perhaps his son volunteered to pose in front of their shop. Thanks, guys!

Say cheese!

Say cheese!

Here is an attempt for a leading line composition. Let’s have dinner?

Balestier Road shophouse

Follow the yellow line – to an American Dinner?

Old shophouses with beautiful motifs and designs stand in contrast with new shopping mall and condos.

Old and New Buildings in Balestier Road

Old and New Buildings in Balestier Road

Random sightings.

Can you see my smile?

Can you see my smile?

Bicycles chained to railing - one with stolen tyres


Balestier Road

Pretty red lantern

Bicycles against the railing. On the opposite side, two tyres were already gone from that old bicycle. Another one bite the dust.

I was going to take more pictures but there was a guy staring. Maybe one of the bike was his and he could be wondering if I had bad intentions. Ehh, better move on and avoid trouble.

A colorful collage of the sights around Balestier.

Colourful Balestier Road

Colourful Balestier Road

I prefer the black and white versions. Not familiar with Balestier Road so just soak in the sights as I walk along. If ever there is a next time, I will focus more on the cultural and historical aspect here.

So till next time, thank you for reading. For those celebrating, Have a Merry Christmas!


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