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Vintage Car…..Me and my Wheel?…….

volks wagon

Front side view of a classic vintage Volks Wagon car

Haha….I wish I could drive…and that car is mine…but that would be wishful thinking. I would be a danger to myself and others on the road.

But back to the picture – it was taken at Blair Road during one of the SJS heritage outing. It is my favourite shot of the night partly because it is just something I don’t usually photograph. Because of dim lighting, it was shot at F1.8, 1/2 seconds at ISO160 with a 35mm Nikon prime lens on a D5100 camera, taken upside down on a tripod. Concave reflective surfaces are fun tools for photographing fish-eye scenery behind you. I use my bicycle mirror for the same purpose when I am out cycling with the camera along.

Will get around to posting the other pictures after sorting them. Meanwhile, have a great Sunday! Happy Holidays!

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Orchard Road Christmas Light Up 2013

Orchard Road Black and White

Orchard Road Christmas  Light Up 2013 in Black and White

A different perspective of Orchard Road on a wet rainy evening during the Christmas Light Up of 2013.

Black and white. A little moody. A little grainy. Where there is darkness, there is also light to shine through the night.

Despite the monsoon season with periodic showers, wet it may be, don’t let the weather dampen your spirit. Memories are just a click away!

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Exercising Through the Rain on Sunday Morning

By that, I don’t mean when its ka-boom and dazzling lights show outside, to merrily go out jogging or cycling.

When its light drizzling, don’t be afraid to go outdoors exercising. For one thing, there are less people outside, plenty of wildlife, storm clouds to photograph – beautiful lighting before and after the storm. Just keep a lookout for stormy weather and take shelter when it is needed.

This morning, I was out at dawn cycling with my trusty LX5. Saw this couple jogging with an umbrella.

Jogging at Punggol PCN

Jogging with an umbrella during the rain at Punggol PCN

So don’t let the rain stop you from exercising outdoors. There is always plenty of bird sighting around the river bank. Like this heron here.

heron at punggol reservoir

Grey or White Heron? At Sungei Punggol or Punggol Reservoir

For those who just wake up, Good Morning!

Must get ready now for next meeting. Have a great Sunday! 🙂

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