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Vintage Car…..Me and my Wheel?…….

volks wagon

Front side view of a classic vintage Volks Wagon car

Haha….I wish I could drive…and that car is mine…but that would be wishful thinking. I would be a danger to myself and others on the road.

But back to the picture – it was taken at Blair Road during one of the SJS heritage outing. It is my favourite shot of the night partly because it is just something I don’t usually photograph. Because of dim lighting, it was shot at F1.8, 1/2 seconds at ISO160 with a 35mm Nikon prime lens on a D5100 camera, taken upside down on a tripod. Concave reflective surfaces are fun tools for photographing fish-eye scenery behind you. I use my bicycle mirror for the same purpose when I am out cycling with the camera along.

Will get around to posting the other pictures after sorting them. Meanwhile, have a great Sunday! Happy Holidays!

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