Black and White Matterhorn

06 Dec
Matterhorn black and white

Matterhorn black and white

Winter at the Matterhorn

Once in a little while, I like to switch from a color picture to black and white.

The Matterhorn is such a classic landmark in Switzerland. Taking the Gornergrat train, the views from both sides of the train are spectacular as the Matterhorn looms nearer and nearer.

At high attitude, the sky is such a dark blue and the snow so glittering white.

It is only now that I notice some of the pictures have shooting stars in them.

In full color, blue sky and white dominate the frame. Switching to black and white is this result.

There are two observatories at Gornergrat. I can see why now. With shooting stars dotting the landscape, it is no wonder so many people visit here year after year.

Hope you have the chance to see the Matterhorn. It is truely majestic.

Till next time, make a wish and hope it comes true!

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