Coney Island Park – Officially Opens

10 Oct

The long awaited day happens – today was the official opening for Coney Island Park, formerly known as Coney Island and before that – Pulau Serangoon.

To clarify, past articles – Focus on Coney Island, Singapore and Exploring Coney Island, Singapore – contain old pictures and information. This posting has updated pictures and information.

Important Notice : Opening time from 7am  – 7 pm : No street lights here, please take note. No Camping. No Fishing.

The opening time today was to be at 10am but we came early and happened to see Mr Khaw Boon Wan giving a speech during the Official Opening of Coney Island Park. Nice to hear more about the background and history of this island.

coney island park

Mr Khaw Boon Wan at the Official Opening of Coney Island Park – 10/10/2015

Walking for the gates to be opened

Waiting for Coney Island Park gates to be opened

This was taken from the East Gate – near Lorong Halus Wetland.

There are many signboards and information boards around the island. Take the time to read them, get your bearings and understand more on the history and biodiversity of this island. Some of the fauna and flora can’t be found anywhere else in mainland Singapore or the other islands.

coney island park

Coney Island Park – take note of the Dos and Don’t

Close-up of the Park Etiquette

Close-up of the Park Etiquette

information park

Information Board – spare a few minutes of your time here

information board

More information on the natural biodiversity of the island

sign board

Sign Board at the West Gate – near Punggol Beach

The other sightings around the island – wooden path, walking trail, shelter, bird hides, beach areas.


Wooden path made from fallen trees around the island

bird shelter

Bird hide – not that adequate in my opinion as it is fully open. Eh, birds can see you!


Lush greenery, ferns and casuarina trees forest


Walking track to a shelter

woodpecker bird nest

Man-made woodpecker bird nest – hopefully the birds build their nests here

coney island park beach

Water level at high tides goes quite far – so the wooden barriers – hopefully keeps out debris


Yup, you can cycling here now

Just a footnote here – the lower steps are very slippery. Please don’t go too far down – there are no barriers. If you fall down in the water, sea currents here are very strong. So be careful. Parents, watch your kids.

Check forecast of high tides before walking at the beach as water level goes quite high near the forest trail – so not as much room for walking.

Overall, I am happy that the natural lush landscape of this island remains for the most part untouched in its natural stage. The resident “bull” has remained on the island thankfully.

More information on Coney Island Park can be found at Nparks – Coney Island Park

Take your time to explore. Be respecttul of wildlife here, keep your distance, let them roam as they are. Keep your eyes open, your senses explore, let your hearings guide you. You will see many things and more! Happy exploring!

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    December 20, 2015 at 11:37 am

    very nice pics! thanks!


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