Travelling Solo – Tips for Fighting the Blues

07 Nov

stay bright and cheerfulTravelling solo gives you so much freedom to do the things you want. That said, melancholy sometimes come unexpectedly. More so if you have been to a place with your family and the next time you travel there, memories circle in your mind. But you don’t have to let the blues pull you down.

So here are some suggestions in beating the blues when you travel alone :

  • Bring along a photo of your family. It will keep you close and warm at heart.
  • Spray your favourite perfume on a handkerchief or a piece of clothe. Sense has a way of making you feel good.
  • Call your love ones. It is not always possible in mountainous region when phone signals are blocked.
  • If you have internet connections, IM or ICQ or Tweet. Keep on connecting and you won’t feel so much alone.
  • Bring along your MP3 player and play your favourite songs. Music is always a healer.
  • If your handphone has this function, record a video of your family. If not have this video send to your phone. It is even better if it is something funny so you can laugh.
  • Read. Bring along a book to read so your mind focus on something not dwell on negative things.
  • Have a warm bath. Take along those wonderful smelling bath gel or soap and soak in the bath. Soothe yourself and relax.
  • Exercise. Exercise release endorphin and that fight the blues. If you don’t like going to the hotel gym, just do light warm up exercise in your room. It is startling how a 10 minute exercise can elevate your mood.
  • Massage. No need to call a therapist. Do a self massage. Use both your little fingers, start from the bridge of your nose, slowly gliding in small circles to your forehead and the rest of your face. Actually rubbing scented lotion to your body is already a form of massage.
  • Game. Bring along your game set. Or your phone has lots of games to play. This requires concentration and coordination and that refocus your mind.
  • Crocheting or knitting. This may not be your cup of tea but I always find crocheting relaxing. This doesn’t take much space. At the end of your trip, you may have completed a piece of craft.
  • Crossword puzzle. Some newspapers have them or you can buy a book of crossword puzzle to occupy your time. Again this doesn’t take much space in your luggage.

In winter, there is less sunlight hours. Some people can easily get affected by the lack of sunlight. Know yourself and if weather can affect your mood, try not to travel alone during these times.

Hope these tips help you along. Remember, being on your own doesn’t mean you have to be lonely.

Stay bright and cheerful!

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