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Hazy Punggol Beach

hazy weather in singapore

Hazy morning at Punggol Beach

Looks like it will be quite some time before we see clear blue sky again. The haze had been bad for the past few days.

For a photographer, there is no such thing as bad weather! I was purposely looking out for hazy weather for some soft focus photography. This is was taken this morning at 6.55am.

For those with health conditions, visit the NEA website to check the latest PSI readings. Looks like the North area is most hazy today. Meanwhile, be outdoors but take care! Have a great weekend!

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Hazy Singapore from Pasir Ris Beach

haze singapore

Hazy weather in Singapore, as seen from Pasir Ris Beach

Hazy Weather in Singapore

The haze is back in Singapore again. While yesterday there was heavy mist and a bit of sunlight despite the haze, today there was no sun at all. With such heavy clouds, it was actually quite bright already by 6.45am.

I cycled to Pasir Ris beach this morning and came across these empty seats while in the distance Pulau Ubin and Pasir Gudang could barely be seen. After a short rest, cycled to Tampines Mountain Bike Trail for a re-visit but the pond had already dried up so could not photograph there. Ok, let’s head back to Pasir Ris beach. Still the same hazy weather.  Time to sit back, relax, people watch and just unwind. Despite the “No Swimming” sign, someone swam at the beach. Hmm…that’s your risk, buddy.

I was out since 6.20am and reached home about 12.15pm. The price for staying outdoors cycling for a long period – a bad saw throat. So be careful if you are outdoors during these hazy weather.

Take care!


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