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Stormy Sunrise

Stormy Sunrise
Morning landscape with storm clouds at the North Eastern Riverine Loop Park Connector

Morning landscape with storm clouds at the North Eastern Riverine Loop Park Connector

Some mornings, it is worth every effort to wake up early and greet the dawn.

See the storm clouds. Watch how the changing lights flicker like a light switch from grey to red to golden yellow. There is a reason why the Golden Hour is so special.

If you stay nearby, come see the morning while cycling, hiking or jogging at the North Eastern Riverine Loop Park Connector. Bright lights are not always on the eastern horizon. Look behind you on the western horizon and see the pinkish afterglow.

Hope you have a great weekend!


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Photo Journey at Punggol Promenade, Serangoon Reservoir

Photo Journey at Punggol Promenade, Serangoon Reservoir

Come join me as we journey at dawn along Punggol Promenade, passing through Serangoon Reservoir this morning.

serangoon reservoir

Reddish Dawn at Serangoon Reservoir 6.35am 26/04/2014

It was very humid last night so I was expecting lots of mist this morning.  This was taken from the Halus Bridge. At this hour, the sky had a coral, reddish hue using the Sunset setting.

Lorong Halus Wetland, Punggol Promenade

Serangoon Reservoir from Sunrise Bridge 6.42am 26/04/2014

Moving on to the Sunrise Bridge, this was the view this morning. Change the white balance setting to Tungsten because I like a bluish tone.

crepuscular rays

Crepuscular rays reflection at Serangoon Reservoir East Dam 6.47am 26/04/2014

Next stop, a closer look a the Serangoon Reservoir East Dam from the Nature Walk session of Punggol Promenade.

Lorong Halus forest reflection

Lorong Halus forest reflection 6.47am 26/04/2014

Went further down to the river ledge and catch these scenes.

serangoon reservoir at dawn

Lorong Halus Bridge 6.48am 26/04/2014

The opposite direction – a misty view of the Lorong Halus red bridge and forest reflection in the distance.

serangoon reservoir

Close up of Serangoon Reservoir East Dam 6.50am 26/04/2014

A close up of the Serangoon reservoir East Dam – see through what was on the other side.

serangoon reservoir

Dawn Reflection at Serangoon Reservoir 6.54am 26/04/2014

Cycle further down and this was the view today.

pulau serangoon

Pulau Serangoon or Coney Island Singapore 6.54am 26/04/2014

Closer look of Coney Island Singapore or Pulau Serangoon and its forest reflection.

Nature Walk Punggol Promenade

Nature Walk Punggol Promenade heading to Punggol Beach 7.05am 26/04/2014

Reach the second bridge with an elevated view. At one end was this view looking towards Punggol Beach.


coney island, pulau serangoon

Misty view of Coney Island Singapore or Pulau Serangoon 7.06am 26/04/2014

Another view of Coney Island Singapore or Pulau Serangoon. The mist was so thick, could not see Pasir Gudang port from here.

serangoon reservoir

Nature Walk Punggol Promenade Misty View 7.07am 26/04/2014

Here was the other view towards Serangoon Reservoir East Dam.

The day was getting brighter but humidity lingered. No view of the sun yet from this angle.

It is sunny now but cloudy. I am off for other events. Meanwhile, have a great weekend!



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Misty Dawn at Serangoon Reservoir

Lorong Halus Wetland

Misty morning at Serangoon Reservoir with Lorong Halus Wetland on the horizon

Misty morning here is such a serene sight. Smooth water reflecting the beautiful sky.

The boardwalk, the red bridge, the river bank all creating leading lines. Many ways to compose a photograph.

This time round, an almost square format. The hardest thing to do – wake up so early. Try to be here by 6.20am. Light changes so fast and mist lingers without much movement around this hour. This was taken last year on 2 Nov 2013 at 6.31am.

In Apr and May, look out for a red dawn to light the morning. These are among the hottest months in Singapore – brazen heat and humidity during daytime then cool nights.

Let’s embrace the dawn and chase the sunrise!


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Blue Dawn at Punggol Beach

punggol beach

Blue Dawn at Punggol Beach

Good Sunday morning to everybody!

Been awhile since I take any photos at Punggol Beach. This was taken this morning at 6.58am using an Olympus PL6. The island on the left is Pulau Punggol Timor which is connected to mainland Singapore via the Punggol Dam. The shipyard in the distance is Pasir Gudang in Johor, Malaysia. We are that close. Always peaceful to catch the sights in the early morning with birds chirping and light slowly brightens over the horizon.

Changes are happening at a superfast speed here. So grab as many photos as you can before everything changes.

Have a great weekend!

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Dawn at Punggol Beach


Dawn at Punggol Beach

Quietly the morning awakens at Punggol Beach. A pink glow, purple radiance, a blue hue and the light changes again. It is misty in the distance, casting an ethereal air to the surroundings. This was taken this morning. Originally taken as a vertical but I think cropping it to a square works better this time.

Happy weekends, everybody! 🙂

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Hazy Punggol Beach

hazy weather in singapore

Hazy morning at Punggol Beach

Looks like it will be quite some time before we see clear blue sky again. The haze had been bad for the past few days.

For a photographer, there is no such thing as bad weather! I was purposely looking out for hazy weather for some soft focus photography. This is was taken this morning at 6.55am.

For those with health conditions, visit the NEA website to check the latest PSI readings. Looks like the North area is most hazy today. Meanwhile, be outdoors but take care! Have a great weekend!

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Dawn at Pasir Ris Farmway 3


Early Morning at Pasir Ris Farmway 3 Stream

This picture was taken yesterday’s morning at 6.56am. This stream, canal or longkang runs at a 90 degrees angle to the canal that is a shortcut from Pasir Ris Farmway 3 to Pasir Ris Drive 3. Though the water looks dirty, it harbours much life. I have seen turtles, fish and even snakes there. People fish here too. Bird watchers gather around this area as well.  It is a rustic oasis among the urban dwellings surrounding the area.


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