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Sea Hibiscus

sea hibuscus

Wondering around the beach at low tides, I found this orange sea hibiscus on the sand. In a bid of experimenting and to unwind from a mental block, I did something I very rarely do. Go for a shallow depth of field at F1.8 just to see the effect. Only a shallow area is in focus while the rest are blurred. Practice makes perfect I think so I will practice more such settings in the future.

Meanwhile I am spending more time cycling rather than photographing nowadays. Recovering from sickness and building stamina slowly for longer rides takes a bit of time. I will reach East Coast Park one of these days on my rickety mountain bike. I wonder how much a good mountain bike cost these days, hmm?


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Abstract – Spinning Around

abstract spin

Spinning around until I am dizzy :0 An abstract picture for today. Looking like a semi-circle half spin to me. Another accidental capture. The camera was on tripod with F8 and 1/13 seconds setting. I pressed the shutter to take a picture of the flowers but accidentally swing the lever sideways. Apparently the lever was not tightened properly. With a complete spin and slower shutter speed, I think it could turn out more interesting. Something to think about in hindsight.

Hope you world is not spinning too much. The weekend is here! Have a great time relaxing and living life to the fullest!


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Colorful Garden

garden of flowers

Friends, come and have a seat in this lovely garden surrounded by colorful flowers.

If you are wondering “where is this place”? This was taken in Sentosa during the Flowers Festival 2012 in February. So pretty. I did not notice this area before until that day. The difference between now and then are those arrays of vibrant flowers. Now, just plain green plants surrounding that stone seat.

Being there at the right time makes a lot of difference in capturing those beautiful flowers. If you love flowers as much as I do, watch out for news when the flowers festival or flower events will be in town. The clock is ticking when the flowers bloom and wither.

For all the countries in the world, I wonder, do you have an annual flowers festival in your area? I would love to know and visit if I can!


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Red and Yellow Flowers

colorful flowers collage

Has summer start already? Here is something bright and colorful to cheer up your days. Red and yellow are such a vibrant combination. Always a joy to photograph. I return to the same location last week but alas the flowers are gone. They don’t always last. Grab those photos while you can!

Happy holidays, everybody!


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