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Storm Clouds and a Rainbow

Storm Clouds and a Rainbow

May is a good month for watching those storm clouds in Singapore. See how those cumulonimbus clouds form, change shapes, merge or simply dissipate are quite breathtaking.

Here are my photo adventure of watching those clouds yesterday.

From the middle section of Punggol Beach, on that red bridge, came across this view.

storm clouds

Punggol Beach with cumulonimbus clouds on the west horizon on 2 May 2014 7.21am

See that thunderstorm signboard? Yes, storms are very frequent here. This section only has one small shelter in the middle. Further up is the Marina Country Club. A bicycle comes very handy when you have to dash for cover.

By the way, the forest on the left side had been cut down to make way for more development. That is for another posting on another day.

Cycled further up and saw the storm clouds on another perspective.

punggol beach

Columns of raising cumulonimbus clouds in the distance on 2 May 2014 7.24am

Passed by the Marina Country Club, crossed the road and saw the storm clouds reflection at Punggol Reservoir.

punggol reservoir

Cumulonimbus clouds reflection at Punggol Reservoir on 2 May 2015 7.45am

The flats in the distance looked so small in comparison to the storm clouds.

After this view, I took a break and photographed flowers at the small garden there. Next instance when I looked up, hey, a rainbow!


A rainbow at Punggol Reservoir on 2 May 2014 8.31am

A very faint rainbow but always nice to see one. That gigantic cumulonimbus clouds had changed shape again.

punggol reservoir

Vertical panorama of rainbow and storm clouds on 2 May 2014 8.31am

A close up of the rainbow.


Rainbow at Punggol Reservoir on 2 May 2014 8.31am

At this time, two boats came upstream. They split direction at this point. One turned left and this happen to be my favourite photo on that day. I waited for the boat to come into the frame, then, Snap!

storm clouds and rainbow

Boat at Punggol Reservoir on 2 May 2014 8.34am

The other boat moved further upstream.

storm clouds

Boat moving upstream at Punggol Reservoir on 2 May 2014 8.35am

Some of the storm clouds seemed to have grown smaller. Hmm, I guess no thunderstorm on that morning.

punggol reservoir

Changing shapes of storm clouds on 2 May 2014 8.36am

But it did rained later on. It is so amazing watching these clouds form, re-shape, merging and at times disengaging. I could stare at them for hours.

Here is an old posting on storms clouds posted in May 2012 North Eastern Riverine Loop (NERL) – Thunderstorm Warnings

It is thunderstorm season now. Get those cameras ready!  Have a great weekend!


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Exercising Through the Rain on Sunday Morning

By that, I don’t mean when its ka-boom and dazzling lights show outside, to merrily go out jogging or cycling.

When its light drizzling, don’t be afraid to go outdoors exercising. For one thing, there are less people outside, plenty of wildlife, storm clouds to photograph – beautiful lighting before and after the storm. Just keep a lookout for stormy weather and take shelter when it is needed.

This morning, I was out at dawn cycling with my trusty LX5. Saw this couple jogging with an umbrella.

Jogging at Punggol PCN

Jogging with an umbrella during the rain at Punggol PCN

So don’t let the rain stop you from exercising outdoors. There is always plenty of bird sighting around the river bank. Like this heron here.

heron at punggol reservoir

Grey or White Heron? At Sungei Punggol or Punggol Reservoir

For those who just wake up, Good Morning!

Must get ready now for next meeting. Have a great Sunday! 🙂

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Edge of Sunset and Twilight

Sungei Punggol

Red sky and blue twilight landscape at Punggol Reservoir – click for larger image

When sunset and twilight converge, you see the different colours of the sky – between red sky and the blue hue of twilight…..

When I first bought a DSLR with the kit lens, I couldn’t figure out why the focus ring keep whirling to focus whenever it was night or early morning scenery. It was only later I discover the importance of prime or fast lens or a lens with a wide aperture. The reason why the camera has a hard time to focus is because during low light conditions, there is not enough light to capture images.  So if you like to shoot early in the morning or evening, a lens with F2.8 aperture or even better F1.8 or F1.4 is a good investment. Don’t need to crank up the ISO too much, resulting in less grainy images.

For this picture, there was no light in forest. Need to use the distance lights on the far left horizon, press the shutter half way to focus, then re-compose. From the news report, this forest you see here will be a future nature park facing the Matilda estate in Punggol.

Enjoy the scenery as you see them now. Something is always changing. In the future , something else always come along. Have a greet weekend!

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Golden Hour After Sunset

punggol beach and punggol reservoir

The Magic Golden Hour when the Sun goes down at Punggol Reservoir and Punggol Beach

Top Picture : Punggol Reservoir at 7.49pm on 15 Jan 2012. F4, 1.3sec, ISO 800, 0 EV, Night Landscape Program .

Left Picture : Punggol Reservoir at 7.49pm on 15 Jan 2012. F3.5, 1sec, ISO 400, -0.3EV, White Balance – Shade.

Right Picture : Punggol Beach at 7.28pm on 15 Jan 2012. F11, 0.77sec, ISO 100, -0.7EV, White Balance – Shade.

I just realised these photos were all taken on the same evening on 15 Jan 2012. Writing down the specs so I can remember next time.

From Punggol Beach to Punggol Reservoir, it takes between 5 – 10 minutes if you cycle depending on traffic and your speed. After taking the sunset picture at Punggol Beach on that day, I lingered a bit buying a can of cold drink. No more sunset when I arrived at Punggol Reservoir but definitely not time wasted.

By the way, if you are keen to cycle, there is a kiosk for bicycle rental at Punggol Beach and Punggol Park. Since the sunrise is not too spectacular today, I spend the whole morning cycling from Punggol Promenade at Lorong Halus to Punggol Beach, Sengkang Riverside Park to Buangkok PCN, Punggol Park, Serangoon PCN and back again. The whole North Eastern Riverine Loop PCN. Easily done within 3 hours with plenty of stops in between. Have a lovely Sunday, everybody!


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Sunrise, Sunset, Twilight Panorama

Sunrise, Sunset, Twilight

Sunrise, Sunset, Twilight along Serangoon Reservoir and Punggol Reservoir

This is a collage of the various pictures taken around Serangoon Reservoir and Punggol Reservoir during sunset, sunrise and twilight. Taken as they are with no editing. The top and left pictures were taken at Serangoon Reservoir during sunrise using an orange ND filter. The clouds picture was taken during sunset at the Sunrise Bridge, Punggol Waterway with a polarizer for company. The twilight picture was taken at Punggol Reservoir close to 7.40pm with a polarizer. That was very hard to capture. There wasn’t much light and the shutter won’t fire. Had to use the light from the dam on the right frame, press the shutter half way, then recompose.

The North Eastern Riverine Loop PCN is now officially opened. Photo opportunities around these areas are endless. Have fun shooting!


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Views along Punggol Waterway

Yesterday was sunday and construction works at Punggol Waterway had stopped for the day. Good for the workers.

There was quite a crowd in the evening either walking, jogging or cycling along the tracks. Small cranes laid at several corners and some sections were wet and muddy with a thin platform for people to cross over. I only cycled along the west side heading to Punggol Reservoir as I wanted to catch the sunset instead of sunrise. Sunset was around 6.50pm. When I left, it was dark and there was no lights.

So bring a torchlight along if you are coming here in the evening. Have fun exploring!

Underneath the bridge at Punggol Waterway

Heritage Park - Viewing platforms at Punggol Waterway

One of several bridges along Punggol Waterway

Heartwave Wall - Steps facing the water at Punggol Waterway

The arch facing Punggol Waterway at Punggol Central

lrt track

LRT Track at Punggol Waterway, Punggol Central

Aquatic plants along the canal of Punggol Waterway

Close to sunset - facing Punggol Reservoir

punggol reservoir sunset

Sunset at Punggol Reservoir

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Punggol Waterway at Punggol Reservoir Garden Landscaping

It is another misty morning today. The forecast says it is going to be cloudy weather today and the same for tomorrow. Beware of early morning showers. If the pattern repeats itself, rain will come about between 8.30am – 9.30am.

Have not cycle along the Sengkang Park Connector that joins the Punggol Park Connector for a while. This morning it is time for a recap. Took some pictures of the Punggol Waterway facing the Punggol Reservoir. The tracks are mostly completed. Now it is the green landscaping works being done. The aquatic plants in the water and along the canal are pretty similar to the ones at the Sengkang Floating Park.

What I really want is to kayak along the canal once it is opened. Looking forward to that!

at punggol reservoir

punggol waterway


flowers at punggol waterway

punggol waterway

punggol waterway


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