Photograph in colour, sepia and black and white

24 Mar

I was originally going to title this post as “Juxtapose : 3 Red Cars” from this picture.

Orchard Road in Colour

3 Red Cars at a Juxtapose

By some coincidence, three red cars of similar design just happen to cross path at a road junction.

By the way this was taken at Orchard Road, at the Hereen traffic side of the road. No matter how many times I come here, the photos always end up grainy, too much noise artifacts and direct sun facing the camera. Wrong timing I guess. I do like the circular building with that billboard. Nice architecture. Lots of photograph potential here.

Anyway, one way to reduce noise is to switch to monotone instead or reduce the pixel size. Don’t always work though. But it was fun to experiment. So this is the sepia version.

Orchard Road in Sepia

In Sepia - urban city landscape

And this is the black and white version.

Orchard Road in Black and White

Black and White - Orchard Road

I think I like the Sepia version best. Still grainy but I think it goes with the look.

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