Ships at Sea – from Sentosa Beaches

21 Feb

Ships at sea -sunset in Sentosa

I am still in Sentosa.

Along all the beaches, ships lined the sea horizon. Brings to mind what a busy port we have here. Some of the ships looked so big and close to shore. A bit of hesitation when it came to swim.

Since we hadn’t been here for a long, long time, we opted to go Tanjong Beach as Palawan Beach was crowded due to an event. Alas when we reached Tanjong Beach, there was an event too. Since the event was held on the right side of the beach, the left side was still quiet. Brrrr, the water was cold.

Getting back to the topic of ships, oil spill is a danger to the environment and can spoilt the beach. More than a decade ago, a major oil spill happened near Sentosa and spoilt the beaches. Many beach events had to be cancelled or re-directed elsewhere.

It is a fragile environment we live in. Let’s hope nothing of such multitude happens again.

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