Christchurch Earthquake Day 3 : 98 Dead 226 Missing

24 Feb

It is Day 3 since the earthquake hit Christchurch, New Zealand on Tuesday, 22 February 2011. Official quake toll is now 98, with at least 92 held in a temporary morgue. The missing is listed as 226.

In the badly damaged CTV Building, up to 122 people are feared missing and unaccounted for – among them, more than 80 students and staff from King’s Education Ltd.

Safety concern remains over Hotel Grand Chancellor that is on the verge of collapse. Should that happen, it will cause a domino effect on the surrounding buildings and unstabilise the grounds. Keep your prayers and fingers crossed.

News Highlights

Christchurch earthquake: Official death toll now 98
No survivors in cathedral after earthquake – police
Twenty-one Chinese listed as missing in Christchurch quake
Rescuers switch to recovery mode at PGC building
Christchurch earthquake: Victim’s legs amputated at PGC
Christchurch earthquake: Rescuers’ focus remains on the living
Christchurch earthquake: Updates

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