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Sunset at Lorong Halus Wetland


Golden glow and pinkish sky over the Lorong  Halus Wetland bridge and Serangoon Reservoir

Yesterday, we had a beautiful sunset.

The landmark here is the red bridge that connects Lorong Halus Wetland to Punggol Promenade. Lots of wispy cirrus clouds which usually means lots of pinkish-red afterglow. To the left of the bridge, the light was a golden yellow while on the right side, pink reddish glow where the clouds were lit. Without a tripod, I was free to take many shots of the surrounding. The offset was the slightly grainy pictures but I would take that rather than blurry pictures.

A crescent moon was hovering over the clouds. If the sky is clear, may want to try your luck at photographing the stars.

Have a great weekend!



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Forest Reflection

Forest Reflection
punggol promenade

Forest reflection, Nature Walk section of Punggol Promenade

Something old photographed on 11 Nov 2012 at 7.11am.  A very familiar place. Given the HDR processing this time. I remember using a GND at that time.  From afar, the different colour tones of the Casuarina trees set them afar.

Just for the sake of experimentation, converted the picture to black and white.

punggol promenade forest reflection

Black and white forest reflection


Feeling adventurous, try it out in blue overtone this time.

punggol promenade forest reflection

Forest reflection in blue tone


Which version do I like best? Hmmm, I think the blue one. Afterall, blue is my favourite colour. 😉

Tomorrow is Labor Day. Work hard but now it is time for a good rest. Enjoy the long weekend!

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Photo Journey at Punggol Promenade, Serangoon Reservoir

Photo Journey at Punggol Promenade, Serangoon Reservoir

Come join me as we journey at dawn along Punggol Promenade, passing through Serangoon Reservoir this morning.

serangoon reservoir

Reddish Dawn at Serangoon Reservoir 6.35am 26/04/2014

It was very humid last night so I was expecting lots of mist this morning.  This was taken from the Halus Bridge. At this hour, the sky had a coral, reddish hue using the Sunset setting.

Lorong Halus Wetland, Punggol Promenade

Serangoon Reservoir from Sunrise Bridge 6.42am 26/04/2014

Moving on to the Sunrise Bridge, this was the view this morning. Change the white balance setting to Tungsten because I like a bluish tone.

crepuscular rays

Crepuscular rays reflection at Serangoon Reservoir East Dam 6.47am 26/04/2014

Next stop, a closer look a the Serangoon Reservoir East Dam from the Nature Walk session of Punggol Promenade.

Lorong Halus forest reflection

Lorong Halus forest reflection 6.47am 26/04/2014

Went further down to the river ledge and catch these scenes.

serangoon reservoir at dawn

Lorong Halus Bridge 6.48am 26/04/2014

The opposite direction – a misty view of the Lorong Halus red bridge and forest reflection in the distance.

serangoon reservoir

Close up of Serangoon Reservoir East Dam 6.50am 26/04/2014

A close up of the Serangoon reservoir East Dam – see through what was on the other side.

serangoon reservoir

Dawn Reflection at Serangoon Reservoir 6.54am 26/04/2014

Cycle further down and this was the view today.

pulau serangoon

Pulau Serangoon or Coney Island Singapore 6.54am 26/04/2014

Closer look of Coney Island Singapore or Pulau Serangoon and its forest reflection.

Nature Walk Punggol Promenade

Nature Walk Punggol Promenade heading to Punggol Beach 7.05am 26/04/2014

Reach the second bridge with an elevated view. At one end was this view looking towards Punggol Beach.


coney island, pulau serangoon

Misty view of Coney Island Singapore or Pulau Serangoon 7.06am 26/04/2014

Another view of Coney Island Singapore or Pulau Serangoon. The mist was so thick, could not see Pasir Gudang port from here.

serangoon reservoir

Nature Walk Punggol Promenade Misty View 7.07am 26/04/2014

Here was the other view towards Serangoon Reservoir East Dam.

The day was getting brighter but humidity lingered. No view of the sun yet from this angle.

It is sunny now but cloudy. I am off for other events. Meanwhile, have a great weekend!



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Misty Dawn at Serangoon Reservoir

Lorong Halus Wetland

Misty morning at Serangoon Reservoir with Lorong Halus Wetland on the horizon

Misty morning here is such a serene sight. Smooth water reflecting the beautiful sky.

The boardwalk, the red bridge, the river bank all creating leading lines. Many ways to compose a photograph.

This time round, an almost square format. The hardest thing to do – wake up so early. Try to be here by 6.20am. Light changes so fast and mist lingers without much movement around this hour. This was taken last year on 2 Nov 2013 at 6.31am.

In Apr and May, look out for a red dawn to light the morning. These are among the hottest months in Singapore – brazen heat and humidity during daytime then cool nights.

Let’s embrace the dawn and chase the sunrise!


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Serangoon Reservoir Sunset

Sunset at Serangoon Reservoir

Serangoon Reservoir on a quiet Friday evening

A quiet evening at Serangoon Reservoir……

I was there on Friday evening.  The birds were chirping, the water was still with the occasional ripples and the light slowly darkened to a soft golden glow in the distance.

It is rather crowded here during weekends, so if you want a quieter atmosphere, come during weekdays for a relaxing time. Enjoy the peace and quiet!

Have a great weekend!


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Peaceful Reflection at Serangoon Reservoir

serangoon resevoir lorong halus wetland

Sunrise at Serangoon Reservoir with Lorong Halus Wetland in the backgroud

Here is a sunrise collage of Serangoon Reservoir, taken at Punggol Promenade facing Lorong Halus Wetland.

In the early morning when the wind is still you see perfect reflections in the water. Very serene when there is mist and vibrant when a colourful sunrise radiates on the horizon. It is a great location for dawn and sunrise photography. Very peaceful with the sounds of birds chirping while waiting for the day to awaken.

There are many photos of these areas in this blog because this place is the gateway for my weekend trips when cycling to Punggol Beach, Pasir Ris Park or Changi Beach. It is also convenient that I can reach here within 10 minutes from my home.

So wherever you stay, I encourage you to explore your surroundings for pockets of nature and just chill out!


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North Eastern Riverine Loop (NERL) – Thunderstorm Warnings

Update : Please read the advisory from National Parks Board “Public should exercise caution and refrain from visiting parks and nature reserves during stormy weather“. Apparently 13 trees near Changi Beach Park were uprooted due to gusty winds during the thunderstorm during the weekends. Please check the latest weather forecast before going out. Refer to NEA’s weather forecast hotline at 6542 7788, website (, mobile weather service (Weather@SG  – or Twitter via @NEAsg.

If you are heading outdoors to the nature parks and any outdoor settings – check the weather forecast before you leave. For Singapore weather forecast, check out NEA Website. Another alternative – Wunderground.

Singapore is in the midst of the Inter-Monsoon season with mostly short-duration afternoon thundery showers. Morning thunderstorms are not spared. Rain, thunder and lightning are prevalent during these times. For more information, refer to the Monsoon Update.

Too many times for the past few weeks, I was caught in one of those thunderstorm while outdoors cycling the North Eastern Riverine Loop (NERL). Weather patterns can change drastically and forecasts are not always accurate. Thunderstorm warning signboards along this route are there for a reason. The NERL is one of the most scenic Park Connector Network (PCN) in Singapore. I believe it is also one of the most hazarded areas during thunderstorms as everywhere there is water. Water is a great conductor for electricity and lightning storms are occuring almost everyday along these region nowadays.

How to spot when a lighting thunderstorm is imminent? See pictures below on the progression of thunderstorm clouds called cumulonimbus.


6.13pm – Three columns of cumulonimbus clouds over Punggol Waterway


6.24pm – Cumulonimbus clouds towering above Lorong Halus Wetland


6.38pm – All three cumulonimbus clouds seem to merge


6.43pm – Embracing cumulonimbus clouds with a small gap in the middle


6.49pm – Merged cumulonimbus at its mature stage – lightning started to appear then

Do you see how fast the thunderstorm clouds change within a space of 36 minutes? If you see these cauliflower shape clouds in the distance, best to seek shelter immediately. Nobody can outrun a storm, much less lightning.

The last reported lightning incident was in November 2011 when two guys were hit by lighting at Coney Island (formerly Pulau Serangoon). One survived, the other did not. Let’s not be one of the statistics.

I still see parents and grandparents pushing the pram along this route while a lightning thunderstorm rumbles. Maybe they think since there is no rain, it is still safe. NO – it is not safe! The storm clouds may look far away but lighting can travel many kilometers away. Even if it is not raining, a bolt of “out of the blue” lightning can still occur.

My advice – avoid crossing all the bridges along Punggol Waterway or even the red bridge heading to Lorong Halus Wetland during the thunderstorms. There is no shelter on the bridges and they can be counted as some of the highest elevation among the surroundings.

The red toilets along Punggol Promenade (though looking metallic) can accommodate more people than the small shelters along the waterway. If you are already there on the riverside of Lorong Halus Wetland, there is a shelter as well. The shell-like shelters along the Nature Walk section of Punggol Promenade are made of aluminium and are not much protection in severe storms.

At Punggol Beach, there is shelter underneath the Viewing Gallery at the Jetty, bus stop, toilet, a small shelter (usually used by anglers) somewhere in the middle distance between Punggol Jetty and the Marina Country Club and then there is the Marina Country Club.

Along Punggol Waterway, there are small shelters and underneath the road highways. The PCN tracks next to Punggol Reservoir and Serangoon Reservoir have small shelters as well.

Take heed, be safe and please be careful.

What to do if caught in a thunderstorm outdoors?
– seek shelter in a covered building, vehicles
– if no shelter outdoors, go to the lowest elevation, crouch down on the balls of your feet with heels touching, hands on knees/calfs, head down
– do not lie down on the ground, sit under a tree or stand near tall objects like street lamps, touch metallic objects like fences and railings
– if in swimming pool, open field or water, get out immediately
– avoid riding a bicycle, motorcycle or golf cart
– remove all metallic accessories
– if on an open area with groups of people, spread out
– even when the storm stops, wait another 30 minutes since the last sound of thunder

What to do if a person is struck by lighting? First 4 Minutes are Crucial
– it is ok to touch a person struck by lightning, there is no electrical charge left
– call the doctor or ambulance immediately
– while reports said it is safe to use a mobile phone, I am not too sure, best avoid using the house phone during a lightning storm
– remove the victim from immediate danger zone (eg open field), if possible
– perform CPR if victim is not breathing

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