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Sunset at Lorong Halus Wetland


Golden glow and pinkish sky over the Lorong  Halus Wetland bridge and Serangoon Reservoir

Yesterday, we had a beautiful sunset.

The landmark here is the red bridge that connects Lorong Halus Wetland to Punggol Promenade. Lots of wispy cirrus clouds which usually means lots of pinkish-red afterglow. To the left of the bridge, the light was a golden yellow while on the right side, pink reddish glow where the clouds were lit. Without a tripod, I was free to take many shots of the surrounding. The offset was the slightly grainy pictures but I would take that rather than blurry pictures.

A crescent moon was hovering over the clouds. If the sky is clear, may want to try your luck at photographing the stars.

Have a great weekend!



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Misty Dawn at Serangoon Reservoir

Lorong Halus Wetland

Misty morning at Serangoon Reservoir with Lorong Halus Wetland on the horizon

Misty morning here is such a serene sight. Smooth water reflecting the beautiful sky.

The boardwalk, the red bridge, the river bank all creating leading lines. Many ways to compose a photograph.

This time round, an almost square format. The hardest thing to do – wake up so early. Try to be here by 6.20am. Light changes so fast and mist lingers without much movement around this hour. This was taken last year on 2 Nov 2013 at 6.31am.

In Apr and May, look out for a red dawn to light the morning. These are among the hottest months in Singapore – brazen heat and humidity during daytime then cool nights.

Let’s embrace the dawn and chase the sunrise!


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Serangoon Reservoir Sunset

Sunset at Serangoon Reservoir

Serangoon Reservoir on a quiet Friday evening

A quiet evening at Serangoon Reservoir……

I was there on Friday evening.  The birds were chirping, the water was still with the occasional ripples and the light slowly darkened to a soft golden glow in the distance.

It is rather crowded here during weekends, so if you want a quieter atmosphere, come during weekdays for a relaxing time. Enjoy the peace and quiet!

Have a great weekend!


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Singapore World Water Day 2012

singapore water world day 2012

Boat cruising along Serangoon Reservoir in front of Lorong Halus Wetland

Today, 24 March 2012, is Singapore World Water Day 2012. To celebrate the event, PUB organised various events around Singapore to create awareness and education about the importance of saving water.

For more information, visit PUB website at

I was around Punggol Promenade at Punggol Waterway opposite Lorong Halus Wetland this morning and took some snapshots. The weather had been hazy for the past few days and today as well.

Quite a busy day along the nature parks in Singapore. Have a great weekend, everybody!

serangoon reservoir

A big tent in front of Lorong Halus Wetland in celebration of Singapore World Water Day 2012


Cyclists and walkers on the red bridge on their way to Lorong Halus Wetland


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Red Dawn, Red Sunrise at Serangoon Reservoir


Sunrise at Serangoon Reservoir. Punggol Promenade/Punggol Waterway on the left, Lorong Halus Wetland on the right.

What a beautiful gorgeous sunrise we had today. Some mornings could be so magical. Technically, it was not yet sunrise since the official sunrise time was at about 7.13am. This picture was taken at 7.04am, so a red dawn seemed more appropriate. The red hue lasted less than 5 minutes. Minutes later, the color changed to a golden hue instead. No filter, no post processing. Just a little trim to make this a landscape panorama and that’s it.

Specs : F11, 1/5sec, ISO 100, -1.3EV, White Balance =  Shade, Aperture Priority, Camera Setting = High Saturation. Taken with AF-S Nikkor 35mm lens. The good thing about this lens – it is much sharper than the kit lens. The down side is there is no Image Stabilizer, so either need a tripod or a steady support for sharp pictures.

Have a lovely weekend, everybody!


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Kites at Sunset

sunset at lorong halus

Kites at Sunset, Serangoon Reservoir

A Golden Sunset…….

Going through my achieve I came across this picture.

The sun was about to disappear behind the blocks of flat when the picture was taken. Such wispy trails of clouds we had that day. Just a golden glow, with no hints of red, purple or the twilight colors hours later.

I like to watch the kites against the sky riding on the air currents. More empty land are being used for new building and places for kite flying are getting smaller and smaller nowadays.

Don’t give up on your hobbies, boys! It is very liberating to watch those kites soaring high in daylight and at night time. I especially like the neon colors.

Hope you are having a great time during the weekends!


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Sunset on a Friday Evening

I bought a new camera today, Nikon D5100, and want to test the results in low light conditions. Haven’t even read the manual yet. Literally a test drive. Since this is a single focus lens, need to do a lot of walking instead of zooming in or out. Still grainy. Have not quite find the sweet spots. Will continue on testing during the weekends. Have a wonderful weekend, everybody!

Sunset at Serangoon Reservoir, Lorong Halus Wetland

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