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Mysterious Forest

rays of light

Rays of light through a forest in the early morning while a figure strolled by in the far distance

Forest to me are very earthy, mysterious and at times haunting. Going through a long mental block had me looking for inspiration in older pictures.

I posted this picture a few months ago and reprocessed it with a tinge of hdr this time. That tiny figure awashed in the early morning light drew me into the forest every time.

Hoping to re-create that scene some day but with a different vibe and lighting conditions. Misty morning would be good. It could look eerie then.


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Crepuscular Rays

Crepuscular rays over the tree tops after sunrise

Here is another photo of crepuscular rays after sunrise this morning. The sun was playing a peek-a-boo between the clouds and tree tops. The light rays were quite faint – I could not see them with my eyes at first. Only when I looked at the LCD screen did I see the sunlight. In an earlier picture, there were no clouds on top. A few minutes later, fast moving clouds converged on the scene. A quick snap and the clouds seemed to frame the picture. Have fun over the weekends, everybody!

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Sunrise from an Airplane

Do you like to watch the sun glowing on the horizon while on an airplane? I do.

Not advisable to take photos during take-off and touchdown but when all is clear and the light shines from the window, sunrise is especially lovely to watch from an airplane. Goes without saying that you need to have a window seat to photograph sunrise from the glass windows. Or take an interior shot of the airplane with the sun glowing from the windows.

glowing sunlight

Sunrise from an Airplane


Sunrise on the Horizon

Have a lovely morning or evening, wherever you are!

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