Preview of Punggol Waterway Fiesta

22 Oct

Went for a recce of Punggol Waterway this morning. Tents all over the place. Grab some pictures of the activities. Will post more later after lunch. Have a great Saturday!

Punggol Waterway Fiesta - Ceremony Site & Viewing Area

All the water fountains are at full blast today. Lovely to see. Platforms on the water. Hmmm, I wonder what they are planning for tomorrow.

Heartwave Wall at Punggol Waterway

Take your time to stroll pass the Heartwave Wall and read each caption for every murals. I will do a focus blog on that later. Meanwhile, do you notice the staircases? A great elevated view of Punggol Waterway from up there. That squarish flat structure is a billboard. In front of it is a platform on the water. Maybe this is the place where the minister will make the speech and announced the official opening of Punggol Waterway while the billboard shows the live footage. I am just guessing.

The stage is set for Punggol Waterway Fiesta on 23 October 2011

At every staircase level, a platform with stage equipment like speakers and microphones have been set. So, performances to be seen from here? I am very curious. That transparent rooftop just below the staircase – will there be any water fountains flowing down as seen in the promotion picture here? We will see tomorrow. ๐Ÿ™‚

Dawn at Punggol Waterway Boardwalk

This was taken at 6.26am from the Kelong Bridge. Don’t forget to participate in naming the bridges along the waterway. More details here. The lighted structure in the water on the left river bank is the Boardwalk – providing a closer view of the water. The rows of tents on the left side is the beginning of the Heritage area. Just walk further down and you will reach the Punggol Waterway Fiesta central area where the ceremony site is. There is no tents on the opposite river bank. So if you are cycling here and want to avoid the crush of people, you may want to cross over to the other side instead. Well actually there are tents on both river banks but not so many on this side of the river banks.

Have fun everybody! I will add more pictures later.

Update : More pictures uploaded now.

A View from the Kelong Bridge

There are boats there opposite the Boardwalk. Hmm, do you need to pay, a free ride or not meant for the public?

Water Fountains at Punggol Waterway

Well actually there are two billboards. I am very convinced now these will be the screens showing the live footage of speeches, performances, etc.

Boats under the Arch Bridge

More boats can be seen here under the arch bridge. I like the design. Cute.

punggol waterway water fountains

Water Fountains at Punggol Waterway

Look at the purple color snakes or arms or whatever behind the water fountains. Interesting, eh? They look very different at various angles.

Punggol Waterway

Spectacular Viewing Areas

This is the riverbank or the viewing areas opposite the Heartwave Wall. Temporary wooden steps have been built to take visitors from the top of the hilltop to the viewing area. At the top of the hill, there is also the LRT and a car-park. Limited space though.

punggol waterway

Tents along the riverbanks

You can see the LRT in this picture. Look at the water fountains. For those going on the McDonald’s Run, take note of the water point stations.

punggol waterway

Boat cruising in the water canals

Watch the ripples effect in the aftermath of the boat. Hopefully I get the chance to be on one of the boats.

Looking at the weather patterns, it has been raining in the afternoon. At times it rains in the evening. Bring along the umbrellas with you. Regardless of the weather, the show must go on as they say. Keep your fingers crossed. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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