Coney Island Singapore Monochrome Landscapes

27 Oct

These pictures were taken yesterday morning. At around 10.30am, it was a hot day and at that angle, the camera was facing the sun. Maybe it was better to take monochrome pictures because for sure the pictures would be backlighted. The sun was shining right behind the clouds. Plenty of people fishing that day since it was high tide.

Coney Island in black and white

Coney Island taken with a green filter

Coney Island taken with a blue filter

There is a dam connecting Punggol Promenade at Punggol Beach to Coney Island. However there is a green fence there preventing entry. I saw a guy perching on the stone edges of the dam. The more agile may be able to cross the barrier and reach the stone steps at Coney Island by this route. Another longer way is to go via Lorong Halus Wetland, pass the green railing opposite Serangoon Reservoir East Dam and follow the shoreline to reach here.

There will be a nature track cutting through the central portion of Coney Island connecting the two dams. I have seen the tracks, no, it is not completed yet. It is meant to be rustic like the Nature Walk portion of Punggol Promenade with tracks made of soil and stones. Hear the sounds of birds, the rustle of casurina trees and other tropical trees and waves crashing nearby.

Hope you have lots of fun exploring the many nature parks connecting Punggol Beach, Punggol Waterway and Lorong Halus Wetland.

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