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Storm Clouds and a Rainbow

Storm Clouds and a Rainbow

May is a good month for watching those storm clouds in Singapore. See how those cumulonimbus clouds form, change shapes, merge or simply dissipate are quite breathtaking.

Here are my photo adventure of watching those clouds yesterday.

From the middle section of Punggol Beach, on that red bridge, came across this view.

storm clouds

Punggol Beach with cumulonimbus clouds on the west horizon on 2 May 2014 7.21am

See that thunderstorm signboard? Yes, storms are very frequent here. This section only has one small shelter in the middle. Further up is the Marina Country Club. A bicycle comes very handy when you have to dash for cover.

By the way, the forest on the left side had been cut down to make way for more development. That is for another posting on another day.

Cycled further up and saw the storm clouds on another perspective.

punggol beach

Columns of raising cumulonimbus clouds in the distance on 2 May 2014 7.24am

Passed by the Marina Country Club, crossed the road and saw the storm clouds reflection at Punggol Reservoir.

punggol reservoir

Cumulonimbus clouds reflection at Punggol Reservoir on 2 May 2015 7.45am

The flats in the distance looked so small in comparison to the storm clouds.

After this view, I took a break and photographed flowers at the small garden there. Next instance when I looked up, hey, a rainbow!


A rainbow at Punggol Reservoir on 2 May 2014 8.31am

A very faint rainbow but always nice to see one. That gigantic cumulonimbus clouds had changed shape again.

punggol reservoir

Vertical panorama of rainbow and storm clouds on 2 May 2014 8.31am

A close up of the rainbow.


Rainbow at Punggol Reservoir on 2 May 2014 8.31am

At this time, two boats came upstream. They split direction at this point. One turned left and this happen to be my favourite photo on that day. I waited for the boat to come into the frame, then, Snap!

storm clouds and rainbow

Boat at Punggol Reservoir on 2 May 2014 8.34am

The other boat moved further upstream.

storm clouds

Boat moving upstream at Punggol Reservoir on 2 May 2014 8.35am

Some of the storm clouds seemed to have grown smaller. Hmm, I guess no thunderstorm on that morning.

punggol reservoir

Changing shapes of storm clouds on 2 May 2014 8.36am

But it did rained later on. It is so amazing watching these clouds form, re-shape, merging and at times disengaging. I could stare at them for hours.

Here is an old posting on storms clouds posted in May 2012 North Eastern Riverine Loop (NERL) – Thunderstorm Warnings

It is thunderstorm season now. Get those cameras ready!  Have a great weekend!


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Rain Drops on My Window

Rainy Days are good to sleep in.

Rain drops on my window

Well it rained all day on Sunday. So nice to sleep late and snuggle. When it comes to Monday, ack, what a chore to wake up. A chance to wear thick clothing, even wore my winter jacket to work.

About 10am today, peek through the window and wow. Rain clouds practically covered the roof of the surrounding buildings. Such low hanging clouds. Snap a picture from my camera phone. It couldn’t focus on the background but instead on the rain drops.

Have you ever play and dance in the rain? I want to, really.

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