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Winter Collage in Engelberg, Switzerland

winter landscape

Winter landscape in Engelberg, Switzerland

Winter is not so easy to photograph especially when white is so prevalent. When the sky is dull, I find that changing the pictures to sepia or black and white reveal more of the texture and tone of the scenery. Well, I finally figured how to use the collage preset. Just add the pictures into the box template then…Voila! Here is one collage for today – a mixture of color, sepia and black and white winter landscapes in Engelberg, Switzerland.

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Winter in Beatenburg, Switzerland

I just returned home from my Switzerland trip. Switzerland is not spared from the severe cold weather gripping Europe. We slugged through below -15 degree celsius, took a wrong turn, fall down from the hill tops and survived a snow storm high in the mountains. More on that later. Never been so glad to be alive. Give me some time to catch up and reply to the comments and emails. Meanwhile, here is a view of the winter landscape at Beatenburg station. It was snowing heavily when we arrived at the station.

Snowing in Beatenburg, Switzerland

A view of the train track from Beatenburg Station, Switzerland


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Shelter from the Snow Storm

Mountain magic. It is winter time!

Chalets shelter from the snow storm

A storm is coming……..

Outside, the temperature is below freezing and the snow storm smothers the landscape in whiteness. Indoors, it is so warm and inviting with the roaring fire burning. At times like these, I just like to look out from the windows and see the winds fluttering outside. Ever wondering.

Is someone out there?

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Black and White Mountain Landscape

Winter in the Swiss Alps

Black and White Snowy Mountain Landscape

It is magical how the angle of light can change seconds to seconds. One moment it is a cloudless sky and the snow sparkles in the sun. Next it is overcast and long shadows form silhouette on the land below. Shadows and light. Mysterious and what appears as fluffy may soon be a danger to the unwary.

The land beckons. Snow capped mountains. Endless yearning. Nature enthralled.

Wish I am there!


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Mountain Gateway

mountain landscape in winter

Winter Gateway in Zermatt, Switzerland

Let it snow…let it snow…..

I am really wishing to be somewhere high in the mountains with snow flurries – solitude and peace.

Anyways, the above picture is a mountain landscape in Zermatt, Switzerland.

A gate, railings, post with danger signs are there for a reason. In the excitement of taking pictures, sometimes people forget about the danger. So, beware of the warning signs and wear warm clothings if going high up in the mountains. Most of all – have fun!

Till next time, wishing everyone a wonderful winter season!

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10 Reasons to Visit Switzerland

I have written plenty about New Zealand and in no way finish with that topic. I’ll circle to that topic at another time. But let’s focus on another country. After my trip to New Zealand, I immediately wanted to visit this country so much but it took five years later for reality to happen.

So what strong reasons can you give to visit Switzerland?

In no particular order, these are my personal reasons :

1. Mountains, mountain, mountains and more snow-capped mountains! The Swiss Alps are famous but there are also other well known mountains in this country. Winter here will be spectacular.

2. Lakes.  How many lakes are there in Switzerland? According to Wikipedia, there are 16 lakes here with a surface area bigger than 10 km² – Lake Geneva (the largest), Lake Constance, Lake Neuchâtel, Lake Maggiore, Lake Lucerne, Lake Lugano, Lake Thun, Lake Biel, Lake Zug, Lake Brienz, Lake Walen, Lake Murten, Lake Sempach, Sihlsee, Lake Hallwil.

3. United Nations. There is an office here in Geneva. It would be cool to visit a place mention quite a bit in the News. Geneva – here we come.

4. Penknife. Why is the Swiss Penknife so expensive? Let’s find out.

5. Swatch. Ahh….I love those brightly colored watches. I have a few of those over the years. Quite a fashion trend.

6. Red Cross. As a school kid, I joined the Red Cross. The symbol of the Red Cross is the red flag of Switzerland. A little curious about history there.

7. Precise Travel Schedule. I have heard a lot about how the trains are always on time, as listed on time schedule at every train station. How true is that?

8. Charming chalets architecture. Looking at some magazines and movies, the chalets look so inviting and so very rustic. I want to stay in one!

9. Land of cable cars. Where there are mountains, there are cable cars. A good time now to overcome the fear of heights.

10. Topperone chocholat. You like chocholat? Yum, yum, my favourite snack. Always wondered why the chocolate is triangular shape? Check the photo below. That is the Matterhorn. See any similarity?

So, let’s go visit Switzerland!

The Matterhorn


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