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The Digital Age

Numerical Reflex Digital Camera

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I used to work in advertising, travel and tourism industry and I remember the days of bromide and color separations. Now, I am not even sure if those printing methods are still in practice today. Films have moved to digital cameras. Similarly so does storage and so many other things.

Do you still buy travel magazines and keep those slides from film cameras? Or have you simply rely on the internet for information and have switched to digital cameras? Sony retired the Walkman and so another technological evolution has gone to pasture. What is next?

Now, photographers or a journalists for that matter, have an easier time transferring photos and news to headquarters or their employers. Touch a button and presto! The goods are delivered without them having to leave their location.

In the advertising and marketing world, budgets are planned at least a year ahead and ad space in magazines and other media are booked very early too. Near the holidays seasons, editorial coverage run side by side with ads campaign and I always look forward to these period because magazines are much thicker than usual. I still have my National Geographic and other travel magazines from years ago. Flipping through glossy pages, feeling nostalgic at those days of simply dreaming and wondering if I will ever visit those places mentioned.

What I am trying to convey here is, much as I love the digital age, there are some things still golden to me. E-books and e-magazines may save more trees but I will truly miss them if there are no more magazines or newspapers. On digital cameras, I love you – you give me wings to fly, literally!

Have a fun weekend, peeps! 🙂


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