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Twilight : Between the Fence

Twilight - Shadows and Light Between the Fence

I found another location today I can take pictures of sunset where there were fewer people about. 7.30pm – the sun had set but the golden glow lingered on the horizon while the North Star blinked its shining brilliance. The fence was meant to be a leading line. Not quite a perfect composition though I hope to improve with time. With hindsight, if the star is placed on the upper left corner above the highest fence, it makes better symmetry.

What looked like behind the fence? Something like this.

sunset at nature walk, punggol promenade

Twilight at Nature Walk section of Punggol Promenade

Have a great weekend, everybody!


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Dawn Awakening and Dusk Reminiscent

What the heck does the title means? Bear with me….

On the way to Snowy Mountain, Australia

Dawn Awakening - on the way to Snowy Mountain, Australia

The first picture was taken on the way to the Snowy Mountain in Australia. August 1992 – that was how long it was. We met the driver of the van around 6.30am so this picture was taken around 7.30am. Sleepy as I was, I remembered the changing lights on the passing landscape. It was winter with mist surrounding the landscape – creating such a surreal world.

Dawn is the start of a brand new day – an awakening of sort. New hopes, resolutions and dreams.

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The second picture was taken on 17 December 2010 in Singapore. I was waiting for the Christmas Light Up in Orchard Road to start at 7pm. Leaning against the railing outside ION Orchard, opposite is Wheelock Place, adjacent is Shaw Tower/House and the other opposite is CK Tang. Quite a strategic location.

I noticed that the sky was still blue and the surrounding lights made an interesting landscape. So I braced the camera against the railing and start shooting. I like the effect of the street light on the far left. Dusk hours can be so interesting, be it in a natural landscape setting or in the city.

Well dusk hours is the end of the day – a closure of sort.

Dawn – a new beginning. Dusk – a closure. Tomorrow a new cycle begins.

Yesterday, 1.1.11, was the start of the new year. As I type this, it is 7pm and dusk hours on Sunday – end of the day and week. A start and an end.

Till tomorrow, dream big dream large!

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