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Stormy Weather

serangoon reservoir

Fast moving cumulonimbus clouds over the horizon

6.30am. From the west, there was a brewing thunderstorm on the horizon moving west to south direction.

storm clouds

Cumulonimbus clouds with thunder and lightning

6.43am. A storm was coming. Electrifying to watch the lightning show among the storm clouds.


Storms clouds lighted during sunrise on the East horizon

7.01am. Sunrise was supposed to be at 6.59am today. Thick clouds layered the East so not a glimpse of the sun yet.

rain clouds over tpe

Rain clouds overlooking the highway

7.33am. The sky was looking very dark. On my way back home, a glimpse of the rain clouds. Made it just in time. The sky poured rain showers even as I am typing now.

A good rainy Saturday morning to everybody!

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