Stray Dogs at Punggol Waterway

16 Dec

I wrote this blog last Saturday, A View at the Top, about being chased by wild dogs while at the Punggol Waterway hilltop. Today, I read the news about Stray dogs attack Punggol Jogger from Yahoo News. Apparently a jogger was attacked by stray dogs while out jogging last Wednesday night.

Today’s posting is not about sensationalism. Reading the news I agree on a few points. Likely the dogs were protecting their territory. The advise given when faced with such situation is similar to what I wrote earlier.

Re-posting my earlier post so you don’t have to click on the above link.

punggol waterway

A View of Punggol Waterway from the hilltop

I was chased by dogs this morning. Again.

I had always wanted to climb up here and see the view from high above. This morning I got my wish. Spend plenty of time exploring the forest edge at the top of the hill. I was exactly at this point that I heard dogs barking and they came rushing to where I was.

That is the LRT tract with Sam Kee LRT Station in the distance. Underneath the LRT tract, you can see the bridge linking the waterway. That was where the dogs came from. There were four of them and only one of me. Better get moving. They must had considered this section as their territory. Maybe that place was their shelter.

I just walked away slow and steady and they didn’t chase. Animals don’t attack people without provocation. The worst thing a person can do is run. Not good, just natural instinct to chase something in flight. Don’t be afraid, folks. Treat animals with kindness and they won’t hurt you and trust your instinct when to run, walk away or stand your ground.

Lessons Learnt

I think my instinct was right the other day. I don’t blame the dogs. They are just fighting for survival and what they perceive as a threat. Another thing that can be perceived as a threat – Don’t stare at them directly in their eyes! Animals take that as a challenge and will retaliate. No, I am not an expert, just life observations and instinct.

Those who are familiar with this place may have seen the stray dogs several times. I hope this news have not turned off anyone from visiting this place. Just wish to point out some locations where I had seen the dogs. So don’t be surprised if you see them loitering around. They won’t attack anyone without reason.

punggol waterway

Water Fountain at Punggol Waterway

That picture above is one area. At the Heartwave Wall, after climbing the highest staircase, there is a doorway leading to an empty section. Somehow I think there is a linkage to the area underneath Sam Kee LRT station. At night it is very dark night here. Don’t want to be alarmed if there are dogs barking here. Night time here can be quite dark and it is true quite isolated.

I had also seen stray dogs along the grassland opposite the Jewel Bridge and the undulating section near the Horse Shoe Bridge, the gravel path leading to the Serangoon Dam and along Pasir Ris Farmway 3.

This isn’t about a manhunt for their shelters. This is the outdoors and all living creatures are there to roam.

Just learn to respect boundaries and we can all get along just fine.

I hope all have recovered from the train disruption and have great plans for the weekends. Happy Holidays!

Update : A number of things came to light after that news incident. The AVA looking out for the public safety and the animal lovers plight to save the dogs. There are many different sides to each story. Out of this story, the public is educated about behind-the-scenes reasoning and procedures. I love nature and animals and don’t ever wish to see them suffer. To the groups that are trying their best to habitat and save the animals, I wish them the best. You may wish to read about the dogs they managed to save here : Save Punggol Dogs. To the public who see the wild dogs around the area, don’t be startled or alarmed. They have as much right to roam here as this is their playground. Don’t throw stones or sticks at them to chase them away. If you don’t feel comfortable, don’t get too near, go by another route. Be wary but be kind too.


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