Color, Monochrome and Black and White Landscapes

17 Oct

We had awesome sunny weather with plenty of blue sky and fluffy white clouds last Saturday and Sunday. Ever heard of the “Sunny F16 rule? This is the type of perfect weather conditions to set the DSLR Aperture setting to F16 and White Balance to Sunshine or if you wish Cloudy.

Color Landscape

Sunny Day Landscape

This is not the best picture showcasing that bright blue sky that day but this in one scene where I have at least 3 versions showing the same scene with color version, a monochrome version and a black and white version. Not quite sure why that “oil-rig” structure in the lower right frame looked slanted to the left. The horizon seemed straight to me.

Monochrome Landscape

Monochrome Landscape using Nikon D5100 in-built color filter

This was an experiment in changing the setting to monochrome instead. This was done using the camera in-built color filter, maybe red filter, can’t exactly recall. The white clouds looked brighter in this picture. Hmm, that “oil-rig” structure still looked slanted though.

Black and White Landscape

Black and White Landscape as seen from Punggol Beach

How about black and white version? Lots of boats and speedboat passing by. Plenty of dragonflies too. They just hovered and went in and out of the frame. The black and white version may well have the best composition out of the three pictures.

All the camera settings are the same except for the color setting. Aperture : F16, Shutter Speed : 125 sec, ISO : 100. The difference is the results. My favourite is the monochrome version though the color may not be to everyone’s taste.

Personally I think the fluffy white clouds are better highlighted because of the clear sky background. Well it was fun to experiment. Happy shooting!

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