Punggol Waterway with Dramatic Clouds

11 Oct

Sunday’s blue sky with such dramatic clouds formation was really a sight to behold. Such a sudden change in weather from moody cloudy morning to such vivid colors. Do you know what those clouds means? Expect to see thunderstorm within the next 12 hours. Which proof true since on Monday morning, there was heavy rain fall.

serangoon reservoir

Dramatic clouds over Punggol Waterway/Punggol Promenade at Serangoon Reservoir

This picture was taken with my Panasonic LX5 instead of the Nikon DSLR since the battery died. Still captured the vibrant color on that day. The little black dots on the top left corner are not dust spots. Birds are forever flying in and out of frame. Very jaw-dropping to see when the birds dive down into the water to catch food. I have a few other panoramic pictures which I will post later.

Also there are some pictures of the Nature Walk along the Punggol Promenade section. The path is rustic as intended. Due to the heavy rain, the path is very muddy. Again this section is not completed. Very tall heavy cranes and big lorries are at work here. Venture at your risk.

Till later, have a great day.

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