Suspension Bridge at Punggol Waterway

10 Oct

Here’s a little focus on the suspension bridge at Punggol Waterway. This picture was posted earlier.

Suspension Bridge at Punggol Waterway

Yesterday there was no one guarding the entrance at both ends of the bridge so pedestrians and cyclists could pass through.

punggol waterway bridge

Suspension Bridge at Punggol Waterway

This is the view if going downwards towards the direction of Lorong Halus, Serangoon Reservoir. At about 10am, you will be facing the sun.

punggol waterway suspension bridge

Glorious Blue Sky at Punggol Waterway

We had the most glorious blue sky yesterday. With the sun at my back, those clouds and the green landscape against the backdrop of blue sky painted such a pretty picture. Taken on the other viewpoint looking towards Punggol Reservoir. This was around 10am in the morning. If going in the evening, the sun will be facing this angle in the late afternoon.

cable wire

Cable Wire of Suspension Bridge

Take a closer look at the gigantic cable wire at the entrance of the suspension bridge.

suspension bridge

Crossing Over the Suspension Bridge at Punggol Waterway

Ready to cross over? Notice all the cable wires at each side of the red railing. I would not recommend jumping up and down while crossing this bridge. Very shaky. 😉

Punggol Waterway is not officially opened yet. It will be officially opened on 23 October 2011. Meanwhile people still walk, jog and cycle here while workers carry on with their works. Keep a look-out for lorries, cranes and heavy machineries if you are coming here to check out this place. Be safe.

Have a great start to a new workday!


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5 responses to “Suspension Bridge at Punggol Waterway

  1. Angie

    October 24, 2011 at 1:16 pm

    Hi Hasayang … i enjoyed your pictures. Nice blog I stay in Hougang .. have driven all the way to PopEye restaurant and taken walks to Lorong Halus from there … i have not seen this bridge .. how do i get there ?

    • hasayang

      October 24, 2011 at 6:38 pm

      Hi Angie! Nice of you to drop by. Thanks for your comments. 🙂 This suspension bridge is across Punggol Waterway near the Heartwave Wall. You can walk from the Punggol Promenade at Lorong Halus. The whole waterway is about 4.2km. You can also enter Punggol Waterway Park via Punggol Road entrance, past the Kelong Bridge and LRT tracks bridge. Perhaps this post gives a better idea of its location : From the map, look at the yellow area marked Family Fun. There is a crossing across the waterway – that is the suspension bridge. Hope you get there!

  2. Joy Peace

    April 9, 2012 at 11:49 pm

    There are no exit or u turn between the suspension bridge and Jewel Bridge, even at the plaza and that is the hub of community events, public are not able to cross the waterway from both sides. If you are on the other side of the waterway, you are not able to reach the main road of Punggol Way . there are no alternate route , staircase , bridge link to the both side of the centre area, this are really unbelievable.

    • hasayang

      April 10, 2012 at 6:40 pm

      The areas surrounding Punggol Waterway are very much a “works-in-progress”. The grass field next to the MRT is now under private developers’s management for the development of condos and shopping mall so the area is condoned off for construction. Otherwise it is a short cut to the Heartwave Wall area below. While there are still no staircases from below to reach street level, people have been known to walk across the grass slopes between the iconic bridge and the Watertown site. Same for the Jewel Bridge. Just climb the gentle grass slopes next to the waterway. There was ways to get across to the other side though it may not look obvious now. Hope you give the scenery here a second chance. Facilities and infrastructures will get better with time.


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