Views along Punggol Waterway

03 Oct

Yesterday was sunday and construction works at Punggol Waterway had stopped for the day. Good for the workers.

There was quite a crowd in the evening either walking, jogging or cycling along the tracks. Small cranes laid at several corners and some sections were wet and muddy with a thin platform for people to cross over. I only cycled along the west side heading to Punggol Reservoir as I wanted to catch the sunset instead of sunrise. Sunset was around 6.50pm. When I left, it was dark and there was no lights.

So bring a torchlight along if you are coming here in the evening. Have fun exploring!

Underneath the bridge at Punggol Waterway

Heritage Park - Viewing platforms at Punggol Waterway

One of several bridges along Punggol Waterway

Heartwave Wall - Steps facing the water at Punggol Waterway

The arch facing Punggol Waterway at Punggol Central

lrt track

LRT Track at Punggol Waterway, Punggol Central

Aquatic plants along the canal of Punggol Waterway

Close to sunset - facing Punggol Reservoir

punggol reservoir sunset

Sunset at Punggol Reservoir

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