Insects among the Bushes

13 Sep

I don’t have a macro lens yet. It is one of those “wish” list of mine. Meanwhile making do with what I have now.

This picture was actually taken with a wide angle lens. At that time, I was in a hurry to get that shot before that green insect on the white flower scatter away. Did not notice at that time there was another green insect nearby on top of the mimosa flowers. Are they the same insect species? Grasshoppers? I am not sure.

The estuary at the Lorong Halus Wetland had gotten a bit drier but the sound of chirping birds still make their presence known. Even on overcast days, from 9.30am onwards, the light is bright enough to eliminate some noise artifacts that can be present especially during low light conditions. Below waist level, squat down or for more challenge – lie down on the ground :0

It just shows a different perspective of the world from the ground level up. Happy shooting!

Flora and Fauna

Two Green Insects among the bushes

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