Flight of the Birds

12 Sep

One of the best times to watch birds in action – dawn and early morning. Especially when there is water nearby. Make for great reflection and scenery – if you happen to be there at the right place at the right time. When there is a school of birds, fights do happen. Food fight anyone?

It never fails to make my heart wonders and soars. Gliding on air currents and diving for food. To fly free as a bird……

Plenty of times I wish I have that telephoto with me when the action starts. Rarely carry it along because it is too heavy for handheld photography and I hate carrying the tripod. I had seen the birdwatchers carrying their gigantic telephoto. Don’t have that kind of muscle strength :p

But anyways, if you have that type of camera lens, bring them along to the beach because there are always plenty of birds action.

Here are some pictures. Taken on very cloudy days so the colors are a wee bit dull but I do not want to do any photo editing – they are as they are.

Birds in Flight

Early morning about 7am - birds flying high in search of food

Bird Flying

Either a grey heron or some other big bird

bird in flight

Bird flying to Coney Island or Lorong Halus Wetland maybe...hmmmm

Bird perching on the red buoy

Birds searching for food

Bird in Flight

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