Updated Photos on Punggol Waterway at Punggol Central

11 Sep

These photos were taken yesterday along that stretch of road near Punggol Central. I love the white arch architecture. It is quite distinctive. Someone was jogging down below while I was taking photos. Construction works are going non-stop from what I see, even on Sundays. At the other side of the road, many cranes dotted the skyline, hard at work.

At the other end of Punggol Reservoir, I discovered the creeper plants at that gabezo are actually morning glory plants and they are flowering. More construction works going on there as well. The right side of the construction site from Sengkang Park Connector has been barricaded but there is a footpath among the bushes.

Meanwhile, here are the pictures taken at My Waterway @Punggol near Punggol Central.

Update : The opening of Punggol Waterway or My Waterway @Punggol has been announced as 23 October 2011. More updates later!

The arch at Punggol Waterway

punggol waterway arch architecture

Arch Bridge cum Viewing Platform

viewing platform at punggol waterway

punggol waterway

punggol waterway

my waterway @punggol

punggol waterway

punggol waterway

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