Hiking along Punggol Road to Punggol Beach

06 Sep

Looking at the map, does it seem far to walk from that bridge over TPE (gateway between Sengkang and Punggol estates) to Punggol Beach? Yes? No?

Google Map 

How to Get to Punggol Beach from Punggol Road

If you rather cycle or take a bus instead, here are instructions on how to get there.

How to Get to Punggol Beach

By Bus : Important Notice – Bus No. 82 no longer go to Punggol Beach (end of Punggol Road). Bus No. 82 now ends at Punggol Bus Interchange. From Punggol Interchange, take Bus No. 84 to reach Punggol Beach.

By MRT : Stop at Punggol MRT, go to Punggol Bus Interchange, then take Bus No. 84.

Or try walking instead……

The distance seems best to travel by car, bus or bicycle. But if you take the time to walk slow and easy, there are a few sights just waiting for discovery. So join me while we take a walk along that stretch of Punggol Road to Punggol Beach.

Take the time to sit and stare.

Along the way, this is the bridge juncture that overlook My Waterway @Punggol (Punggol Waterway). Here is a wide-angle view of the road/bridge.

bridge at punggol waterway

Punggol Road bridge over Punggol Waterway

Further down is the road to Punggol Beach – this road –  with pockets of trees lining both sides of the road – creating a cozy canopy. So different from the urban landscape at the other side.

Punggol Road with a narrow pedestrian walkway on the left

The road is undulating. On the right side, just further down, is a private estate. After that is the slip road to Punggol Marina Country Club.

Focus your eyes on the left side. There are pockets of forest openings offering glimpses of the world beyond. One such as this sight.

Punggol estates in the background

Construction works going on clearing more land. During weekends this open field is a gathering place for flying kites and airplanes. Sad to see if this open field should be gone in the future.


Serangoon Reservoir West Dam in the background

Walk further down and there are more openings between the trees such as this.

punggol road scenery

Forest opening along Punggol Road

There are steps beneath the drain going further down. The water runoff heads downstream to the shoreline. Clothes left to dry indicate the workers quarters are nearby. Yes there are more quarters nearby.

While this place looks bright and sunny during day hours, I do not recommend walking here alone at night. If you are used to cycling here, why not try walking instead?

Have fun walking!

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